1st eye: i need.

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

i need to make things simple. i tend to live my life for other expectation previously, and i realize that is somehow wasteful.

i need to change for the  better, which is to realize first and admit, second.

how i see things from this world shows how i evaluate things from my own sight.

that is why, i created this page. to record my doings, my attitude, how do i change. and to be true to myself.

let say, this is where i reflect myself. my mistakes, my faults, things to be remorse, and things to set up, for the sake of my future.

there indeed lots of things to jot down here, which i really hope tht at every turning point of my life, i will open up this site and read up every single little things tht popped up on my mind.

1st thing to reflect as of today is:

i love english. as simple as tht.  I don;t speak with my family using englsih at all, but still, i simply jst love this language. why?

because most books, which have eclectic views and knowledges of many things always translated in this language. literally, ive practiced much , but verbally i seldom talk and have a chat with others. next, because those native users of this language tend to show a good attitude, calibers as a human beings who god have sentenced to the earth to be its caliphate.

enough babble. enough ranting. no need to spites bickers for this petty matter anymore. since, as to this points, all things tht initially i would love to talk about (literally) have gone void. simply, lost. enuffsaid.


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