2nd eye’s: people sighted everywhere.

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

As i trot the hallway of kl sentral terminal, my eyes startled at the center of the hall where several old books(not so old, published around a decade ago) being sold for a cheap price. there’s tons of good books with great author being mentioned there inside the baskets of books. off curse there’s other baskets of cooking books, and magazines but that kind of books is something i don’t have any interest at.

what grab my intention was this three books:

1) As I please by Saleh ben Joned

2) Sam’s Story byElmo Jayawardena( A rising authors of sri lanka’s)


3) …err i forgot the title already. T_T”

as for the 2 books mentioned, ive bought both of them at a price of RM10.00, which is a very great deal for me as a newly-born bookworm.

the 1st is a compilation of a sensational witty and sardonic authors talking about malaysia, its cultures, the typicality of the Malays writer, and several more gossiped stories which make people of tht day accuse and allege him being apostate, talking sensitive matters about religious values, some misconducts and conservative ideas about simple things; which somehow rousing a delicate and hot issues tht pullulate in 1991.

the 2nd, tell about community and humanism. i did not read or skim through the book yet, even the preface. but the back cover do briefly explain some of the contents. and i surely hope, the contents will content me.

after having mee rebus for my breakfast at bts, i shoot to mid valley.there, i escalate to the 2nd floor where an it fair is exhibited. i purchase an mp3 there at a price of 29.90 ringgit, and get the hell off from tht hectic and crowded place filled with techno-freaks.(well, im super noob when it comes to technology and all those avant-garde stuffs and all) as my real intention is to see any good books at mph bookstore9see, im really turning myself into a book-freaks(actually english and psychology freaks to put it precisely). and there in mph, i took a sneak peek at hitler mein kampf, 3rd chapter: Political reflections arising out of my soujorn in Vienna.

in tht particular chapter, theres a little sub-stories on joseph II, german dual monarchy or notoriously known as herrenhaus which define how the austria falls and all. mein kampf was written by hitler while he is imprisoned in buraria fortress, and ironically this book state the most cringing state of hitlers, which make this book is banned in germany.
a side notes ive chanced to jot is regarding hitlers views about democracy. he stated tht:

democracy as practiced in western europe to day is the fore runner of marxism. In fact, the latter would not be conceivable without the former.
Democracy is the breeding granted in which the bacilli of marxicity was born.

i also able to take a views over Robert fisk testaments, as well as mahatma gandhi books and his picture when he’s a 20 yrs old dude with a mustache like mr.potato. His face looks a little like anil kapoor at some degree.

After sighting and flipping through some books, dictionary on the shelves of mid valley mph, ive decided to buy the tipping point of malcolm gladwell. before buying this book, i have some dilemma in choosing between harpers lee:  to kill a mockingbird and mitch albom: have a little faith. After cerebrate for some minutes, i choose to buy this book. i hope it wirth my choice. (since on my way from klang, ive read his blink on snap judgment and thin slicing (again) and somehow its compelling. maybe, by reading his preceded books, his affection affect me a little, or so.

at 1545H,while waiting for the train to come, a turkish from istanbul come and sit beside me. Maybe because he see me reading an english books, hes tempted to have a chat with me, by introducing himself. Saed is a high school leaver from istanbul, coming here to malaysia to attend an english course from ELS. He planned to further his studies at the private air school in Langkawi, after he meets certain qualification as being highlighted in the application forms (which we can see it if we google it at google.com:)

he asked where might be the location of jln sri combak, where shamefully i tell him i dont know, but actually after thinking it for a while when im on my way back to klang after transits myself from kl sentral to the 5th platfrom(tht is when me ,Saed and Hairullah separated) , the location of the place his heading is actually near my previous hometown, since the postcode is 53100. I wonder why i am so silly and blurry tht time.

Saed did told me and show me the price he need to pay for the registration and fees for his course which from a skim through at his resits, it show an amount on RM10200 for intermediate course. and to advance his learning to the next stage, he need to pays about 2050 more. He did ask me if the fees is moderate and not expensive, but i just dont know the actual range for a course like that. So, as a fellow malaysian , i frankly tell him the fees is moderate and normal for a foreigner like him.

psst: i jst know tht we cant copy and jot any notes from the books we read at mph bookstore. we can ONLY READ it but we cant plagiarize it contents at all, even my noting some simple facts. why? dont know ive being scold by the receptionist there for doing so. ;’(.

P/S: Vocabulary for today:

lucid: clear and easy to understand

sardonic: making cynical of sth

pullulate: spread as to be widespread; to spread as in means of geomteric progression

cringing: to fawn, to behave affectionately.

ambivalent: having mixed feeling between two opposing choices

incorrigible: to bad as if impossible to correct

incisive: shown clear thought, as being cool-headed and can react cleverly over a cases or scenario.

limpy: not firm.sot strong,

flabby: lacking strength and determination, 2; excessive fat; flaccid

elucidate: make sth easier to understand

avant-garde- make sth easier to understand.



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