4th eye: resuscitate and reminiscing the triumph of preceded trilogy.

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back then,

i rode infront of my dads bike. hes the one riding it. behind was my mom. during those time, there still no rule forbidding people to ride motorcycle at the limits of two. and yes, alpha angle is a vague place to visit that time. Still no one utama, no mid valley. never heard of the gardens and the curve yet. Thats the most luxurious place nearby that my family keep on bringing me to, and also the place where ive lost the most. i love looking on things that amaze me .Anything that startled me, like the television with 32″ screen, i will stop, look and start dreaming when will our home own this TV.Because of this leisure attitude, i often lost.
But still even if I’m lost, i won’t cry. My dad and my mom will surely found the missing me and then patter some loud babbles when they found me. abg guard  just laugh at me tht time. Indeed, i am really friendly back then. i love to befriend with  almost everyone tht i’ve met, and off course keen to impress everybody.=.=,

dad’s bought our family first car when he picked me up at my baby sitter house located in wangsa maju. Only god know how  deluging and blissful i am tht time. its a light blue proton saga with plat number wbk 2020.  Onthat date, i am still a pugnacious little  mischievous kid that hardly listen to adivices and words, plus I enjoy being poignant over trivial matters.
FOr a 5 year old dude,
i think, i am very strong .Yes, I hardly cry, but frequently sulk.
i wonder if  that little mischievous ikhwan is still somewhere in me now?

||.. still  reminiscing ..||

On the year of 1998,
i had transfered to SKTM 2, which is about 500m walk from my house.( I went to sktm one on my 1st year of primary school before.This school located about 5 km from my house.Lots of things happen, so my parent choose to send me to another school which is nearer to my house)

-what happen? i had walked home alone, from school to home because the bus didn’t come and fetch me about 5-6 times. I also had tried to ride a city bus[intrakota] and lost my way in the big city of Kuala Lumpur, just because i wanted to go to my mum office.( oh, i lived with my bro when we still a primary school kids.Both my parents works and come back home around 8 for my mom and around 12 for my dad)

Maybe, because i remain intact with positive people, acting sanguine with people arround me, i tempted to be quite a pompous and snobbish of a kid. well,
every rich kids love to befriend with me.why? perhaps I’m the connector. I set up relationhsip for others, and I know everybody in my batch(about 360 students) and unlike many other student from the 1st class , i didn’t judge and being haughty of my standard. I make friends with almost everyone.

I am clever at a moderate level for a 1st class student on my third year( its in 1999,darjah 3 la sng cite.) . I’ve attended pts, but failed. The reason of my failure is because , on that time, I don’t know what the hell pts was .  My homeroom teacher curtly choose me from a few others to attend a test, in a room. If i am not mistaken, its in bilik panitia matematik . As I finished, that is when know what test i am attending myself to. Its  a test for a speacial leaping program . Pts help u to leap from  darjah 3 class  to darjah 5  class by skipping darjah 4  class for the next coming year. Eventhough i have failed, I did not feel that desperate. But  since i love to impress others, ive lost some point to brags ‘humbly’ about that successes but still, i care less on that .Why? because positively,
i think there’s still other chances to proof who i am- i mean to impress others.(Oh, i just cant help it. =_=”)
.And indeed, On the later years, break dance and hip hop start to emerge as a trend in my school!-i found this matter is a big news to me, so that i can brag to my brother that i can do things he can’t! lol.

front flip, back flip,  side flip, side roll, helicopter, windmill.
thats wht the pro’s can do.That time,  a few( of my pals) quickly become famous with the girls because they have something to do with breakdance.
well yeah,
I join them quite late, so I am not that savvy about breakdance.
Any good looking kids( cute and a little bit lanky for a primary schooler, which can do on air front flip which people address them as dope- that time i also dont know wht the hell is dope). i am a torpid learner in this art of dancing,but still, i manage to  learn some simple stunt like a front flip and air flip.  In year 6, I already able to do a stunt called ‘windmill”.
tht is jst until a misfortune strike me, resulting to strains on my left ankle, left thumb of my left leg, and my left wrist . Since then, i have stopped break dancing, deliberately.


I dont practice  any extreme sport. i cant play any muscial instruments. I do not study oversea, and off course not that skillful in soccer or futsal, just a moderate player.
let say, I am living normal life.
Always regret on things that ive done.
I made many mistakes, Ive stumbled , I fall, and I turn awry in limbo.

Just until last ramdhan, i realized what is the thing that i lack the most.
I seldom rely things on Him. I only blame everything to nature, myself and others.

I run from my religions and falters on my faith.


I need to change.


p/s: 6th pillars of iman- have faith in Qada’ and Qadar)



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