6th eye: malaysia dilemma, malay’s dilemma or my dilemma?

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am saddened by the fact that something that have been jotted down about 3 decades ago by the malaysia 4th prim minister , or to date have become the 1stchanselor of universiti perdana  tend to repeat.

I am seriously disappointed by the fact that my fellow people didn’t have or perhaps lacks, which by somehow quite awful when it comes to a serious issues that can actually shows or depict our nation future: punctuality.

like i mean, seriously if class started at 9, why would they never bother to come early as possible? what make me so baffled and disappointed with their attitude is not because of the lateness to class, they make jokes about it and seriously, everything  seems so leisure. tangibly, times is not important at all, to them.

the question is, why?

they have the knowledge, the basic, the doctrines inside of their malfunctioned cerebrum of the brain and indeed, everything still turns to waste.

I do compare, and let says it about chinese. they emerge, so well not in their own nation, but my fellow race. sadly, when it comes to the rescue ,ones who almost every time salvage my race are no least, its them!


and the racist, and those who always talks about negativity, and politics and relate it to the doctrines and religious values are always my guys, malays!

preposterously, i am totally deluged, with a little of these satire values.

Indeed, i cant deny the facts that i also lived with  them before, and turns out to be the same as them before. Don’t judge, remember?

yes, alter -ego do exist in my soul, actually and yes, i need to breath deeper and delve deeper in faith sense.

some might care and read this thought of mine, which can cater some of ‘my fellow haters’ but still- satisfaction is not the things i want to bold here.

It’s faith, trust, and to this case, its personal values.

Love- is still cant be described, till now. For that,
thanks ,coursemates! u make my day. ( Oh.,malays)

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