TRIVIA: the temptation of girls as His Creation.

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

By definition, guy supposedly attracted to girls because they are meant to live with each other.

I disagree.

Well, I dont know how things work actually, since i have this philophobia: a type of fear that hampers me from falling in love with anyone, by means of love affection.
Ive read this book, entitled ‘The Success System That Never Fails’ by W.Clement Stone.

HE said tht:

Thinking won’t overcome your fear, Action will.

Reading this, i laughed hard.


since if i need to put love into action for my case, does tht means tht for my next love, i have to, or to put it precisely, i am obliged to love truthfully my next love, and for tht purpose, i need to make her my wife??

Oh, no i won’t. No thank you.

Infatuation, yes.
Shrewd? OFF COURSE! ( that is to say, i am straight, lol)

Back to the main idea, i simply don’t love now, because of my previous action tht make me look somehow stupid, lame and i hate myself because of that action of mine.

The case now is,
i might repeat my mistakes again, although i understand very much wht the fuck is happening right now.
well yeah, i am not that immune to girls affection, mostly when it comes to

by the bless and grace of God, I hope he bestow me with his blessing so tht i shall not stray from this path, and HE have mercy on me so that i can keep
focusing myself on something important, and halt myself from involving into this trivial relationship, that come out from this kind of feelings.

One thing about me that i bet people don’t know and perhaps never trust is:

one of the reason i dont judge is because i hate surprising things. I hate it when my judgement, or when i think i am clairvoyant, my belief betray me.


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