7th eye’s: can you read my mind?

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

For someone who keep on listening to new sounds, but then hardly memorize one, but remember all, to be able to decipher this mind of mine? well done.

oh, what a wonderful blessing from God to let me jot this 7th reflections that come from my eyes.

Ive read some articles about earth, politics and some conspicuous fact on veda’s the book of the hinduism, as well as some excerpts about the gospels, mark, mathew luke and john, not to forget the letters by st.Paul.

comparing such with several fallacies come from several renown hadith, i simply learned some new things about life, and again ‘love’ which that i will embrace it 3 and a half yrs from now.

peace be upon him, our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

discussing some matters about myself with others which i never know ,met and have no mutuality at all from any kind of connection medium, is cliche , for your type, pal.

i am me,
not once more,
not again,
not finally.

i am me that can’t exactly will only be me, until the day i am united with all the other me.

Currently, im the 21st me. and next april, ill be the 24th me. comparing all this me, wont result in new me. reconciling some identities out of peculiarity,

ifs, ifs. idk.


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