defining hazes tht fades

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized


the truth,

i choose to NEVER tell my feelings to the one’s tht i liked ,even how stressful the situation and the events might be.

as simple as a philophobia who realize his phobia, and choose to not cure it,


i will remain true to myself, be as naive as possible,as frank as possible, even it might make me somehow hateful to many.

i have family, i have best friends. i have acquaintances. so, having some enemies and haters is a sign tht i am still living a normal life as a human being.

i try to make things simple, while realizing my mind always break when i study things. because i am a curios geek.
quite a perfectionist when it comes to results. somehow, i hate teamworks.

i laugh to the fullest when im at it, and hardly sulk and rant over things. since i choose to avoid circumstances tht didnt fall to my responsibility yet, since once im into it, i will adher to the weight so much, tht somehow, not good to me, and to those whos somehow related.

i try to understand myself, since i’ve stopped to be dependent on others, as well as some temperaments to define me, and CREATE ‘me’. i choose how, what im gonna be.

fashion?im into eminem and hyde(laruku) .

i have dreams. i have nightmares. best to best, i have faith, and theres place for me to seek if i crave for knowledge.

LOVE is subtle.

fact: i dont flirt much with those tht i liked. i choose not to. it will break the cycle of neutrality of her personel and attitude. i praise girls just by their looks. no other feelings. those living beings called girls tht i praised, simply  iare His creation tht comparable with some sportsmen tht i liked, because of their sportsmanship.

i jot this to remind myself. if u read, dont mind if u dont mind, if u mind , i have no other words than thx, for caring a little for me.


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