philophobia: im still at it, it seems.

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

no one know how i simply dont know how to treat a girl on something and at something.

its even hard for me to even say ‘hi’.

that’s for sure.

not to say , i think i might play cool since we not even meet yet.

well, the introductions was always about me anyway, since this is privately mine. i assume none reading them, but secrets cant even be revealed to the pc, since theres a probability to be hacked, sooner or later in the future time.  so, i will stop my ‘feeling’ for her to this, since :
1) i might be the one who feel this way, but shes not.

2) i wont even leave a single hint tht i liked her.

3) i choose to not let her know this thought of mine at all.

4) she cant read others as well as how i can read others.  and i am unique ,for i choose to act blatantly over things tht people normally assumed as sensitive.
5)i choose to not entertain others at the mean time. let see how far i can go with this kind off attitude.

6)i claim myself to be clairvoyant. how can an egoistic fella in term of affection to others defeated by a single feeling called ‘love’?

well, perhaps the easiest definition on how to decipher this stupid ranting of mine is : i am a philophobia.

and i am sure all people know wht actually phobia means. its  is on a whole new level, downward, of a feeling of insecurity, aversion and fear.

well, i choose to like, to be friend with whom, because im good at waiting. i am so sure of it. especially when there are nothing to run about.

well, whatever. i think its time to relax and meditate again, eat some meats, kick someone balls, shout out loud,  do exercise, and settle down my assignments .


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