frankly, this is my conflicts.

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

i want to be friends with others,
but i dont want any benefits from them.

i want to score some cool goals,
and that awesomeness is just for me,
its better if others just think of tht goals as 
some lucky strikes.

i want to do all works, all jobs,
and i hate anyone to know and realize
that ‘ im th one who’s doing all thsoe jobs” 

i want to share everything,
but i hate people to know all that knowledge come from me.

– i can stand anywhere,at any place,
– i can speak my mind on any platforms


– but, i dont want any of my audiences have anything to do with my personal lives.
-but, once i step down from those platforms, i jsut want to be another lone wolf,
not to be applauded.

yes, i am happy when people praise me, most of people does,

but, just a smile, and some clapping, tht’s it.

i dont want anything else.

i have so many words to say,
but no one left,

to tells.

yes, i need somebody to love.
but i choose to not let myself fall into such affections again.
i am a fatal, loyal, lover.

once committed, i give my all to it.

i hate to confess, but my affections, once committed, i’ll act sincerely,oprresively for it.

i have caused  others to suffers, but i aid them back, Alhamdullillah.

i understand others too easily,
i understand others pains too easily,
i understand others emotions, others eyes,
too easily.

i dare to say tht others experiences, once the’yve shared them with me,
i  dream of it later tht night, as i’m the one who lived through it.

my heart is ‘ ice’

my smile is ‘wind’
my fist is ‘ steel’

my family is ‘water’

my dad is my flare.


my woman, if theres existed,

will be my “blood”


and i dont donate my blood that easily.
i know, its ‘rare’.

my brain?
always evolving. non stop.
puzzles? i enjoy them so much! 


ISLAM is where i am in.still, and forever. 
i am still alive,perfectly fine.

the problem is,
my choice is that hard.



niggas drink hennessy,

but tht kind off things, wont be my heresy.

i just know too much of the sacred secrets.


i think, thats why.

and i never tell any of them to anyone.

yeah, their secrets, i never once shared.


yeah…. forever. 







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