9th observation: KL changes, A LOT. their people too.

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

i haven’t been back home about 3 and a half month, and kuala lumpur, the center of Malaysia have shown quite a lot of changes, and improvement.

In term of it ticketing system, somehow using coins/tokens, somehow i think system like that is cool and interesting. ( its a rapid KL improvised ticketing system)

before this, LRT are divided into two:


now it seems that both lines, and system have been merged together, and Kuala Lumpur seems fantastic with it.


in fact, i wonder why KTM still stick with that old system. i think, their CEO is somewhat secular, and have an orthodox mindsets.
they have been there, their commuter for sometimes now, but still, the systems have not change much, and tht’s sucks.

btw, i am saving my moneys to buy a video cam, a hightech one.
well, i love to observe people. standing and walking alone in the crowd, eavesdrop people conversation, and somehow laugh silently, if its funny, and smirk , if i tend to listen some nonsense bullshits, being exaggerated by newbies. talking shits here and shits tht.

well, my youth life, is still here. i never thought of falling in love yet, but liking some girls i think its a matter of life’s norm. guys like girls, girls like guys.  YEAH.

P/S: once i stated i ‘love’ a girl, i definitely will make her mine. yeah, marry her.haha.
but those things, still wayyy to complicated, hard, and i dont have enough money yet to support a loved girl, and then, own a family.
MY MONEY. go fuck yourself if u rely too much on your pa’s and ma’s pocket and credit card. wayy too pampered.

manja gila babi, la lahanat.enough shittalking. let’s move on.

i am not a technology savvy.

so, i admit i am quite slow with all this updated technology, including games ( i dont play any fucking  video games, and have a fetish with any. go fuck yourself with your fucking dota, boy) , mobile phone ( i even dont know wht model my nokia is, i jst use my lil sister mobile phone now, she’s got one new complicated mobile phone, so i jst use this, instead. easier, since she throw hers away, so i jst pick it up, and use it. it’s still working somehow)

and yeah, i hardly read magz talking about engines, cars, motorcycle. not my stuffs.

but i love mega building. the skills, the algorithms, its superbly fascinating.
and yeah, i love to learn some bit about human body( thts why im searching for a doc, as my wife. lol. 2 of my best friends also are docs), arts, language, and i am so in love with psychology, and understanding human behavior. so as well as economy, finance. yeah.

and programming, somehow, yes quite complicated, but if u learn the basic, and started to understand it, u may create your own games!( oh well, if i created one, im the GM, so for sure i’ll be the winner even without playing it. :D)

so, wht ive observed, in kl, especially around jln ipoh, bukit bintang, masjid jamek, jln toh sai jee, china town,yadda-yadda..

the old kuala lumpur, it’s fading.

my bro told me that, a pictures can tell thousands words. since people can percept it their own ways, once they saw it.

so, maybe later, rather than posting some bullpoops, i care to record a moving picture(videocam lah) and tag it with some words, to define wht am i actually recording, my motive and everything.

i think, somehow, by doing so, people can start understand me,

what the fuck am i actually thinking, and observing.

so that later, i wont complicate things too much.

i hate to say this, but i think, i am somehow,

quite clairvoyant.


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