1st poem:alter-ego, confided

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Stigma of vilification rise from the sullen sickened blood,
well-taught of life yet drought with despair,
they choose to judge, i choose to hide
insidious nexus, seemed to blind,
every liar in despair,
without no place to lair.

domineered with guts yet, senseless
wallowing these consciences for the deplorable death of a soul,
any ghosts nor ghouls,
everything  just seems white and fair,
bloods seems white, tears seemed red.
i choose to live, with sorrow and despair.

blindfold everyone with their own mightiness,
never defined, nor confided,
never asked, and never been told,
everything left afar, everything left unsaid,
easy to perceived, nevertheless,
will never be deceived.

howl of a lonewolf,
will whispers for eternity,
thus i define myself, as a soullessloner,
3 years i’ve tried, yet this heart throbbing so hard,
thus i listen to certain songs with screams and malice,
i can then, smile and sedate my soul with my own logic and dream.
foreveralone, pandora.

-mikhwan666, melfez, oni, xrodox, SL666-


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