10th observation : the conducts of beautiful and their tangibility

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

what people judge almost, always:

1) fair skin, slender body, big boobs, round eye , pink lips = beautiful lady
2)  white/ tanned skin, muscled body, tall, and dimples = that is one macho man, i tell ya.

typicality that hard to persist. i swear to Allah, i cant also run from this norms.
yet, ive tried and struggled to do so, and Alhamdulillah, more days had passed, and the way i define beautiful,

had narrowed, and not in between the conduct of physical appearance anymore.

how, why?

ive experienced something awful. so i learned from my mistakes,
and other mistakes as well.

but yet, i’m still searching for the best, thus my effort to make myself the best must also….

well, you know.

tangible, which is the ability to touch.they’re not subtle, and not prevailed in veils.

here’s my points:

1) words: discuss ideas, projecting voices, fluctuated by tones and desires. mostly become affectionate to those who love to be caress. yes, WOMANs are weak against words. Realizing this, and understand all the skills to do so, i choose to not flirt. it’s disgusting, and i am not romantic.

2)songs : the music, the lyrics and the melodies. Such tangibility to discuss the reaction of those fluids in your mind, and souls. what more, if there’s a music video that can portray such occasions that can be related to those songs. something expected will happen.

tears fall. your mood  swings. and later u cant handle despair and sorrow.
growl: shouting everything out with your voice. a method of screaming.
screech; i hate that. its pitch is too high. and its annoying.

3) pictures : when tagged with certain words. u’ll start imagining things, and later dictate those pictures in a form of slideshow. your own imagination will revolves in and out producing a 3D in your medula oblongata ( a part in your brain). you sleep, and you dream.

4) Style and personalities : friendship is something u cant buy. but, that’s it. famous guy want to be friend with rich guy. smart guys will hang out with those who follow rules and have a wild thought on those they had labelled the scumbag. Whichever one it is, most will be friends with anybody which can bring them benefits.  thts the typical and mindsets of many. Sometimes i hate myself for seeing this kind of things so easily.

“how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnagie : ive read this, and looking at the readers review, many agreed.
its ironic when i know all the secrets, but never care to practice them.
reasons: its hard to mingle in a crowd and observe people conducts when ur famous. i love to do such things. whenever i smile, thts mean ive got the clues and the cues, and thts it: proven hypothesis , proven inference.”

i will keep on observing everything with these eyes.
note: these eyes. the eyes that see, listen, smell, and those tangible to be understand, to be touch.

beautiful is something subjective. how i define them, is totally complicated. the nexus is perplexing. how i understand things, i dare to say not many will be able to understand them. only the observant and soulless can. those few that are idealistic with ideas and realistic with something proven. no biases.

im a wolf. 


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