2nd poem: levitated thinking

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

im thinking of something,
which is a scoop of ice-cream.
there’s white and some colors are chocolate,
mmmmm~,yummy 🙂 

im craving for something,
i look at myself in the mirror,
ive cut my hair short,

what the fuck?!
i am a member of a defense force,thts it,
off course!

im shielding myself from something,
that is the affections to others,
either its a woman or a friend,
i choose to act like i aint need someone ever. 

im looking for something,
knowledge that can make myself brim,
with confidence and with a big vibrant smile,
as when i move forward, i can claim,
‘its my biggest step!’

then i pace the yards behind that white rubble of blocks,
and i see some kids playing swings,
and a couple playing see-saw,
they smile and looked at me,
then they give a hand-wave,
i thought to raise my arm and reply their wave ,started with a grit-to a- grin,
as when someone suddenly scurry pass me,
and voice out loud, HEY!!!

its a big step.but the difference is,
they run,
but i am levitating..
passing the cloud, move with the wind,

i am still dreaming… 



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