i need a book, and a cold climate for a living.

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
 i can ease my mind there.

i can pray hardly there.

i can love myself more, there.

give me strength O Lord,

so i can make more effort to achieve successful life.

here, and in hereafter.

there’s a cold wind blow,
and it crushes at my face,
i feel the chills at my cheeks, my eyes and breath it in my nose,
my body felt like going feeble,
but my heart and soul know best,

i look at the lakeside where the water sedated my mind,
the flow is glowing with the refelcted neon, dimmed with the shade of those pines.
i walk to the lakes, and i smile upon my reflection.

then i close my eyes to set my way to my own limbos,
As when i slowly open my eyes,
i realize,
i am jsut dreaming something calm, cogitated everything, 
From the past, and deem my self in mellow.

‘dont wallow yourself with your own sorrow’

i ask myself then,

what the hell am i doing right now?!

im typing.  


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