admittance to perfection : case studies

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

this is another version of human alter- ego. how with some readings and some practice, i come out with this basic conclusion.

for me its not subtle, and verily conspicuous.
in some particular sets of emotion turbulence, people tend to react and act abruptly.
those changes, we must anticipate it before its deteriorate .

1. hiding words with words: to be precise, short sentences of words that defines turbulence can we reckon such change?
simply by looking at the structure and tone fluctuations of that words. there are high probability that they will stress their tones aloud, or just turning mute ,and avoid further swings. which is when, the first choice can be handled yet by loved one, but for the second part,
it will be something perplexing worth taking time to solve. it might be subtle, but once worsen, it will be quite dangerous.

2. fluctuation of tones in voice ft. their frowning percentage: let say, high voices normally indicate anger. but those who want to stress out their POV, will surely manage themselves with some cues. let say certain can still control their tones, but rarely can control their degrees of frowning. u can sense that sudden change, u can tell when might be the turning point of that emotion.

3. justification through lies: 5 minutes of reasoning,if plausible enough, they can avoid provocations and any malicious build-up scheme.  well, this is somehow quite complicated, where i sensibly thought that credulous believer trust these lies often. if its on arguments on something serious, like politics, theories, hypothesis with certain unsettled inferens, people might have a cery hard time to settle down such arguments. let say, if not incisive enough, people will fight over some triffling matters at all.

yes, its only takes 5 minutes.

ill observe more. since somehow, with certain someone, its annoying to let  your guts  down, since to deceive certain can only happen when you successfully deceive all.

thats mean, if i want to examine and discern everything with lack flamboyance, as to make it brief,  such delicacies( as how it is intended), are an obligation, to be made both concise and precise.

that is what, i believe.


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