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quotes of a true leader.

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” i fight for what i believes in and to protect those who seeks my help!
i force nobody to fight beside me! everyone’s free to their own opinions!
and i fight only with those who share my ideals, but i help ALL who as for my helps!



1) its easy to realize your weaknesses  but to solve it, is not that of simple matter. 

especially, a phobia. 

to note: How  exactly the typical community revolve, if u can see it, u will understand their actual mindsets and idiosyncrasies . people keen to say this whenever we quote out something true. let say a facts out of a research:

i. yeah, sure i know that!
ii. i thought so.
iii. off course that will be the case!
iv. yeah, i know that.
v. everyone already know that, ur such a laggard.


so, when i come to meet this kind of person, i never let them to judge me or give any complains about how i do and did things, because basically, their answers will be either yes, or non-verbally, a nod. 

2) “Can u listen to my problem?”

when a good looking girl ask any guy to do so, they will give a ‘yes’  as that is apparently  a must. that is to show how sympathy they are. and again,  that girl will either be deceived or the one who is cunning enough to deceive the guys.  the difference will be the just the role play. 

good vs evil. noble vs the adversary. 

3)faith defines logic. that the utmost and undeniable truth for my religion, islam. since im not that scholarly enough in terms of other people of different religion doctrines, i wont go deep into a matter of phrases and quotes of any teachings they are. ill go for general. that will be simpler for others to understand, so i think.

In a point of life, if you did not practice your faith and their doctrines, the syaitan will always make you indulge what can be simply put as the entertainment. the case here will be about, how we actually think of our faith. Some do have lack of knowledge of their religion but hold fast to it.  Some do have an abundance of knowledge of the doctirnes, but still their conspicuous sins, from the unscrupulous act is    apparent enough for people to realize and judge.

but, due to the myriad of ‘book of truths’ that they have memorized and read, they can easily win over a debate.

HYPOCRITE and liars, emerged .

I am being observing how people do things when i acted differently in several ways. As to say, even if i tell them i am lying or saying the truth, they will be unable to distinguish which and what to believe. 

its dangerous.

for even myself to handle, i need to sacrifice many things. As so, what i wanted to learn is just the truth of the the typical. how to read body language, how tones and their fluctuation may affect the cerebrum and the hormones in distinguishing truth and lies.

despite struggling myself to learn and understand all of these things, i am still unloved.

both by my own self and by those that i loved and care.

thats why  i love to reiterate this:

1) theory is nothing without a practical
2) words and nothing without action
3) ‘yes’ is nothing without conduct
4) ‘no’ is nothing with lies
5) future is nothing without pondering over the past mistakes
6) love is nothing without trust and loyalty

“i want to meet you, badly. but,all these lingering secrets and passions to study emotions really breaking me apart”

i need to revise myself to show my true color to you. thanks to your busyness, and my hectic schedule, i have times to prepare everything.

i just hope that there will be no betrayal anymore this time,since i might succumbed and ‘demised’.
ill make sure of that as early as possible, for your benefits and mine as well.

there’s no karma left for me. im too good to get any karma.



at a point where i read and know certain stuff, if  i stop telling them.

i will forget.

i tend to not forget, ans i believe if we take everything seriously, and opt to ponder the reasons for all those things to happen,

i believe we will manage ourselves better ant every wheel over points of life.

i said that.

and particularly in practice of all that.

( its time to learn something on arts and techs)

Philophobia: defined.

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Philophobia is the fear of being in love and falling in love. The risk is more acute, when you have confronted any emotional turmoil relating to love in the past.

Human life is very much fulfilling if filled with love, but jilted lovers are more likely to restrain from love.

Defining The Problem 
Philophobia is defined as the abnormal, persistent and unwarranted fear of falling in love.

Every year, the phobia causes countless people needless distress and so many abstain from getting emotionally involved.

A restless feeling of being betrayed in love pricks you and unrests your mind. You do not feel emotionally secured in life. This eventually affects the quality of life and pushes you away from any sort of commitment.

It also triggers various symptoms in you that may incorporate sweating, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, feelings of dread, nausea and feeling of restlessness.

The worst thing about fear of being in love and falling in love is that it keeps you apart from your loved ones and drives you to a painful solitude.

You feel alone but every time a situation arises for commitment, you get panic attacks.

The symptoms are very irregular and vary from person to person. These include sweating, nausea, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, feelings of dread and extreme fear of not being able to live up to promises.

Reasons Giving Rise To The Problem 
Bitter experiences of the past maybe a crucial reason why you do not want to get tangled into a relationship again.

You may fear rejection and that pose as a great reason of embarrassment that deters you from even getting involved with anyone.

The fear of divorce may be another reason why you may hate to fall in love and eventually get married.

Hence to be more precise, you may be suffering from philophobia and hate to get tangled in any sort of relationship, a burden of lifetime.

Frankly, i lived in a house which is, not that vague and pompous.
soliciting myself with reading books seriously emerged just about 2 years back.

and here i am now, wondering what kind of extraordinary life those extraordinary people had gone through. their tears and joy, their experiences and wonders. what exactly the sort of scenery and scene  that marvel them into their  unending journey of awesomeness?

|and my life at how it is now, in the year 2012 where im going to turn 22 years old is still at their modesty period|

looking back to how my peculiarity can actually attract people like magnets, as how i am to date, i repel people from me.
off course the actual reason will be that i am ‘practicing’ some psychological intact of distinguishing the subtle and obscure aptitude and attitude of my indigenous race the homo sapiens, but still the unscrupulous and callous act of mine somehow always make me cogitate about my past reasons for vengeance and hate, which i had succumb them into the farthest part of my soul. but who knows? they might make a comeback, that  cunning and sadistic  me.

In one of  Malcolm Gladwell book, the Outliers : this fascinating authors had told us several marvelous stories of how opportunity beat geniuses.  How certain era’s create wonders from adversities, and how people of wonders succumbed into a loser chasm. For example: Christopher Langan is a genius with 200 IQ level, ( he start reading books when he is 3 years old, by just teaching himself to do so) he lived poorly, and got no chance of academic approach. most of his fantastic writings and observation was rejected due to his low academic level . With no preferences, he did not seat on par with others of his ages.

Let me make things clear here. comparatively with Bill Gates, Bill Joy, and the famous founder of  nuclear formula’s daddy-dandy, Chris Langan beat them all!. eistein IQ only roses up to 150, ant that his limit. gates and joy both of the 1955 born-baby listed as the topguns of their age with an IQ 0f 130, and  me myself had an IQ of just about 110( and can still be improved with practice and training).

OPPORTUNITY .  It is always about how to tackle , beat them and grab them once it come to you. Well, not to say practice and adequate preparation is the essential source to make you the perfect candidates to go BOOM! I do personally suggest people to read his book, The Outliers  as it will make you ponders and wonders how actually geniuses wont be jsut anything if there’s no opportunity for them to become one.

| bill gates comes from a wealthy family, and he has prgrammed computers far exceeded  10 000 hours, not to add he started that when he is 9 years old of age!|

And i am sure everyone already know where he stands now.

I do love to share most of this fantastic stories of gladwell books to others, how his books and mitch albom books actually induced me to be a think-tanker, on whatever field that awaits me.

but i am not at that urge yet, to write a book, or novel. i consider myself to read for 10,000 hours or so, to make me an eligible writer, edible for all to digest it as the foods for their brain.

It always about how you grab the opportunity. let say i am now quite confidents with my english as of my mother tongue is malay. and as of my age reached 25, i will make sure my english is at their supreme, and i will start learning arabic till my age reached 30, before i further myself to learn french.



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this photo specially remind me of my sailing back in lumut last week.

... And We Were Here

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Don McCullin in Tate Britain

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to define is to portray.

Acumen in Bulk

‘Photography isn’t looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.’

Don McCullin 9

Don McCullin is one of the most important war photographers of the late twentieth century. Throughout his career he has documented conflicts in Vietnam, Lebanon, Cyprus and Biafra. His photographs have depicted war-torn regions with clarity and honesty.

This display takes a broader view of his photographic practice. In one of his first overseas assignments, to Berlin in 1961, McCullin photographed a city troubled by the uneasy coexistence of military occupation and everyday life. His studies of homeless people in east London and the urban landscapes of northern England, made from the 1960s onwards, reveal the harsh reality of life for the poor in post-war Britain.

Don McCullin 3

From the late 1980s McCullin has been increasingly interested in rural landscapes, producing dramatic compositions…

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