veil of secrets: intimacy of awkwardness.

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

i like to say something out of the blue, let say : its pretty new for me.

i tend to be addicted to successful people and their compelling stories two years back.
mitch albom, malcolm gladwell and dale Carnegie are the authors of books tht somehow had give the major effects to my way of overthinking things.

not to say how i am fully aware of my weaknesses due to those readings tht ive done.

the story lines and their outlines somehow affected my mindsets, to be somehow inquisitive and daring. to do certain things that somehow bring great affection to your mind and souls is pretty depriving, yet with the helps of their motivational words, and my own diligence to practice some of their  methods of doing things, i believed that ive arrived at the third stage of a first set-up of nobles mindsets:

the haughtiness of confronting others with speculated ethos and specified idiosyncrasy.
the first stage will be the confrontation of heartbreaks, the second stage is mildly about confronting a deliberated and desperate societies.

to jump to the next stage: which are the stage to perform wonders, several things needed to be done, so that i can be emotionally stable, because at this stage its about being an audacious optimist. even with so many things in hand, with a solitude soul, and unwavering stance, every problems must be solved!.

the main criteria is to get in ‘love’. which is somehow, is the hardest part of my life. frankly, i am self-addressed philophobic patience, as i am so afraid of losing my faith and infidelity to one person, that will be my bloods and my tears.

so, i choose to stop lingering myself in the limbo’s of deceivers and insidious thought, ans to be in hiatus and start reading something else, not to add something on history is also another knowledge that i need to gain, to be come a fathoms and a soul caliburs.

**high-achievers, big dreamers- yet an ordinary human with  extravagant hard-work to gain triumph over that soughed dream of mine **

to deceive your enemy, you need to deceive your best friends and families. and the main criteria to uphold this virtues is that, u must never let yourself be deceived, either by others, or your own skeptical mindsets


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