how i see life as how they hardly see it, but the comments will always be ‘yes’

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

1) its easy to realize your weaknesses  but to solve it, is not that of simple matter. 

especially, a phobia. 

to note: How  exactly the typical community revolve, if u can see it, u will understand their actual mindsets and idiosyncrasies . people keen to say this whenever we quote out something true. let say a facts out of a research:

i. yeah, sure i know that!
ii. i thought so.
iii. off course that will be the case!
iv. yeah, i know that.
v. everyone already know that, ur such a laggard.


so, when i come to meet this kind of person, i never let them to judge me or give any complains about how i do and did things, because basically, their answers will be either yes, or non-verbally, a nod. 

2) “Can u listen to my problem?”

when a good looking girl ask any guy to do so, they will give a ‘yes’  as that is apparently  a must. that is to show how sympathy they are. and again,  that girl will either be deceived or the one who is cunning enough to deceive the guys.  the difference will be the just the role play. 

good vs evil. noble vs the adversary. 

3)faith defines logic. that the utmost and undeniable truth for my religion, islam. since im not that scholarly enough in terms of other people of different religion doctrines, i wont go deep into a matter of phrases and quotes of any teachings they are. ill go for general. that will be simpler for others to understand, so i think.

In a point of life, if you did not practice your faith and their doctrines, the syaitan will always make you indulge what can be simply put as the entertainment. the case here will be about, how we actually think of our faith. Some do have lack of knowledge of their religion but hold fast to it.  Some do have an abundance of knowledge of the doctirnes, but still their conspicuous sins, from the unscrupulous act is    apparent enough for people to realize and judge.

but, due to the myriad of ‘book of truths’ that they have memorized and read, they can easily win over a debate.

HYPOCRITE and liars, emerged .

I am being observing how people do things when i acted differently in several ways. As to say, even if i tell them i am lying or saying the truth, they will be unable to distinguish which and what to believe. 

its dangerous.

for even myself to handle, i need to sacrifice many things. As so, what i wanted to learn is just the truth of the the typical. how to read body language, how tones and their fluctuation may affect the cerebrum and the hormones in distinguishing truth and lies.

despite struggling myself to learn and understand all of these things, i am still unloved.

both by my own self and by those that i loved and care.

thats why  i love to reiterate this:

1) theory is nothing without a practical
2) words and nothing without action
3) ‘yes’ is nothing without conduct
4) ‘no’ is nothing with lies
5) future is nothing without pondering over the past mistakes
6) love is nothing without trust and loyalty

“i want to meet you, badly. but,all these lingering secrets and passions to study emotions really breaking me apart”

i need to revise myself to show my true color to you. thanks to your busyness, and my hectic schedule, i have times to prepare everything.

i just hope that there will be no betrayal anymore this time,since i might succumbed and ‘demised’.
ill make sure of that as early as possible, for your benefits and mine as well.

there’s no karma left for me. im too good to get any karma.




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