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walk the talk

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

it is kind of unbearable for me to remain calm like nothing had happened this past few month.

i can say that from books and stories from the adults out there i had been realize how easy actually this life can be if we just take a wider looks of several things of the prospect of life. so it says.

i came to believe that my life is a circle of choice and opportunity. what’s lacking is  my passions in doing things, so as to think before i act.

i read a lot these days, i believe that. but to communicate and have fun with my life and say out loud why i expect how things should turn out, i may say it infuriated me, as it baffles,  the same time.

to breath in and realize what u have bee taught before is damn easy, but to actually amend all of those teaching is hard.

this is a memento to my former self, and to my current self:

`1) kinky bitch are tools. respect only women of the rarest kind.
‘2) bro’s are forever. i believe so and shall choose and select those who i believe is trustworthy enough to be in my league.
‘3) i am more then what i appear. In many ways, whether it is my guts, my passion, my IQ, my laughter, i believe my capability transcend all that.

‘4) education comprises of two main parts. first is knowledge, second is courage.

5) i talk to myself, as i reflect back to myself of what my capability can truly does. i dont have to entertain others, and be precarious at it. i should live my own expectations. i realized that, i just started that like seriously yesterday. well, thanks too all those books, and whatnot, my dad.

6) foremost, i SHALL NEVER LOVE others hardly, as if i cant love myself to the optimum extent. well to say by optimum means that, i wont be that fetish to love my self. that is insane.

lastly, LAUGH HARD. but just in the brink of moment. 2 harkat sudah.