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I’ve been together with my life for too long,
expected to encourage life of what i deem as real,
but for the people who ache over life,
to those who’ve died on war, on famine, on stupidity,
i shall pray and give condolences to them.
lamenting as for those who are trying to turn mellow out of a deep wallow.
Can’t you feel the poison rising out of the morning and clear through the night?

You can feel my strength destroy you straight to  the heart from the venomous bite,

i shed my skins tonight, but my fangs are hard to hide, 
 thats the epitome of what war-cry is about.
 nothings to surmise, decrepit of ages.
tears fall, blood dried, muse of music mute the tiger that lost his roars.
the trumpet lose their trumpeter.
even the drain lost their might and spill the thrash out of its mouth.
the kids drink it,
and they died.

The provision of laws as what seems to be real for certain,
ascertained by amok run by those who’ve claimed to be the civilized people,
mans becoming more corrupt,
deceiving the survivor, eaten my their own indulgence, of what claimed to be their passion.
 war break.
six hundred and sixty six.
and those who obeys, darken the cloud of their heart.
banishing those who care to not follow them.
war breaks, and i died.

bury my soul deep in the flesh of mother earth.
the undertaker put me deep down under 7 feet leveled soil,
as i see my bodies crumbled after some 25 years.
ive sensed it with my soul
and my body crumble of old ages,
eaten by maggots and praised by the faggots.

i lived to died. i died once i lived.
black and white,



i kind of wonder, if as what i am doing right now is productive or not?

productive simply means more output rather than input.

e.g: 3 books consist of 1000++ pages, but the summary is only about 300++ words of a single article = not PRODUCTIVE at all!!

2. Understand and memorize lotsoff idioms, quotes, hadith and ALquran excerpt and understand them all, but :  cant hardly influence any! even self still lacking of goodness and tangible attitude to be a good example ,  and to lead others!

3. technical savvy. know how to use certain softwares, how to read python, c++ and other programming language, but: never programmed anything that can benefit the people at all!!

4. Understand and memorize a lot of marketing strategy, have some modals but, cant even start a small business, and employ any workers at all!!


Realizing this, i baffled. As to note, i am someone who can be put under example no.1, and i haven’t manage to write good stuffs at all. that is so not good!. yes, your comprehension is good, but your writing still terrible!

yes, your listening is marvelous, but your pronunciation and arrangement of words still sucks!






AND buy a decent camera/ video cam to share my thought to the world!!


10.dealing with mistakes by repeatedly reminding people to fear Allah.

Jundub ibn Abdullah al-Bajali reported than the Messenger of Allah (SAW) sent a group of Muslims to fight some mushrikeen, and they meet in battle. One of the mushrikeen was ambushing individual Muslims and killing them. One of the Muslims wanted to catch him out and kill him. Jundub said: ” WE thought that that man was usamah bin Zayd. When he raised his sword, the mushrik said ‘ La ilaha illa Allah. but he ( Usamah) killed him. Aman came to the prophet (SAW) and reported to him about what had happened in the battle. When he told him about what had happened to the mushrik who said La ilaha illa Allah, the prophet(SAW) sent for Usamah and asked him” why did you kill him?” 

He said ‘O’ messenger of Allah, he had caused much grief to the Muslims, he killed so-and-so and so-and-so,’–and he named a number of people.- ‘I attacked him and when he saw the sword he said La ilaha illa Allah, The messenger of Allah (SAW) said ‘And then you killed Him?” Usamah said ‘Yes.’ He said’ What will you do when LA illaha illa Allah comes to defend him on the Day of Resurrection?’  He said ‘O’messenger of Allah, pray for forgiveness for me.” The prophet (SAW) simply said, ” what will you do when LA illaha Illa Allah comes on the Day of Resurrection?” he did not say anything more than that.

Hadith Muslim, ‘Abdul-Baqi edition, hadith no.97.

from this example, we can see how or beloved Prophet think highly of The shahabah, and the way He give the advise, clearly shows how big the kalimah of La illaha Illa Allah is, as even when the musyrik recite it, it might become the musyrik protector on The Day of Resurrection. Astaghfirullahal A’zim. 

Sincerity is Always known by Him and only Him. 


  • At-tarmidzi reported from shufayy al-Asbahi that he entered MAdeenah and saw a man with people gathered around him. he asked: “who is this?” They said( the gathering)”Abu Hurayrarah(R.A).”

Shufayy said: “So i approached himand sat down in front of him, He was speaking to the people, and when he finished and they had gone away, I said to him, 

‘ I ask you by Allah, to narrate to me a hadith that you heard from the Messenger of Allah(S.A.W) and understood FULLY. 

ABu Hurayrah said:’ I will do that, i will tell you a hadith I heard from the Mesenger of Allah and understood fully’

Then Abu hurayrah began to gasp, and remained in this condition until he recovered then he said, ‘ I will tellyou a hadith of that the Messenger of Allah told me in this house, when theres was no one else present EXCEPT ME AND HIM’

Then Abu hurayrah began to gasp again, then he recovered and wiped his face, and said ‘I will tellyou a hadith of that the Messenger of Allah told me in this house, when theres was no one else present EXCEPT ME AND HIM’

Then he gasped, then he recovered and wiped his face and said, ” I will tell you a hadith that the Messenger of Allah told me in this house when there was no one else present EXCEPT ME AND HIM.’

Then, Abu Hurayrah began to gasp severely, and his head fell forward, and i supported him with my shoulder for a long time, then he recovered, and said: “The MEssenger of Allah(S.A.W) told me”:

When the Day of Judgement comes, Allah will come down to judge between the people. And every nation will be kneeling with submission. 

The first people to be called forth will be a man who had learned the Al-quran by heart, a man who was killed for the sake of Allah, and a man who had lot of wealth. 
Allah will say to the reader: ‘ Did I not teach you that which I had revealed to My Messenger?
‘he will say: ‘Of course My Lord.
‘Allah will say:’what did you do with what you were taught?’
He will say; ‘ I stayed up at night and during the day(to recite it).
‘Allah will say:’you have lied’ and the Angels will say, ‘You have lied’.
Allah will say: ‘YOu only wanted it to be said so-and-so is a reader, and it was said’

The one who had a lot of wealth will be brought and ALlah will say to him: “Did I not give generously to you so that you were not in need of anyone? “

he will say:’ Of course, O’ Lord’.

Allah will say: ‘ What did you do with what i gave you?’ 
he will say, I used to give it to my relatives in charity.’

Allah will say:’ You have lied’
and the angles will say, ‘you have lied’. 
Allah will say, ‘you only wanted it to be siad that so-and-so is generous, and it was said. 

Then the one who was killed for the sake of Allah will be brought and Allah will say to him:’ What you were killed for?’
he will say: ‘ I was commanded to fight in jihad (holy war) for Your sake so i fought until i was killed.’

Allah will say: ‘you have lied’
and the angels will say,’you have lied’

Allah will say:’ you only wanted to be said so-and-so was courageous, and it was said’

Then the Messenger of Allah struck my knee and said; ‘O’ Abu Hurayrah, these three are the first people of whom the Fire will be heated on the Day of Resurrection.'””

source: Sunan At;Tirmidzi, hadith no. 2382, Shakir edition. Abu E’esa said: this is ghareeb hasan hadith.


weakened soul,
numbed by the shriek of medussa,
self-effacing in the dark shadow,
no one ever come to bear the burrow

how long does it takes,
to deviate myself from this pathway,
i popped my fingernails,
till the crack of bone reach her ears

this eerie feelings that i get,
whenever i succumb myself in the sadness,
of losing a part of my soul,
nobody else seems to know,
how I sensibly hide my brittle heart,
care  to judge myself by the reflection of the serene lake,
break by the stone, creating blissful nightmare.

i wonder how people live hard for tomorrow,
when they have to strife to live the better of today,
i change the sound to dwindle the sound of heavy rainfall,
teemed when cloud shrink lighter,
i glare myself toward the sky.





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here’s the deal. 

1) i wont torture you, so you must stop bullshitting for that purpose

2) stop regretting. u’ll catch cold.

3) satire? that defines saleh bin joned. his one cool atok.

4) language. still englsih. till 25. tons to improve and practice.

5) writing. yes, when theres no topic, its tedious. i hate everything tedious.

6) give me an opinion. i will try them all. whether i like it or not, is my bloody choice.

7) keep your distance away from me. i dont bite. i kick beehives.

8) i tell tales top notch. i told stories undercover.

9) sarcasm is my turf. malaysians still dont unite yet. or maybe, i jsut cant see the platform.

10) twitching* i should snap sometimes. this is trouble!

In the name of Allah, the All Compasionate, All- merciful.

ive taken most of the words and hadith that will be jotted later, by referring to a book authorized by Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid.


To this date, ive come to observe some of my fellow brothers and sisters tends to do good things among them, which is to advice /nasihah. it’s indeed is a good thing and of course, we should realize every sons of Adam shall made mistakes. As what the prophet (Pbuh stated): 

“Every son of Adam make mistakes, and the best of those who make mistakes are those who repent.”

(At-thirmidzi hadith no.2382, shakir edition. Abu ‘Eesa said: this is a ghareeb Hassan hadith)

Before i reiterate and remind back some of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) sayings, which will be thoroughly discussed later, i mind to share some of the words which eintitled to be in arabic, so that later on, when i share some words later, it will be lucid enough for people to understand.

1) taqrir: is any act or utterance of the shahabah, and of prophet attendance during such events, He remain silent and did not rebuke of such events.This is to said, those words of utterance and act are of His  approval.

2) classes of Hadith: al-maqbul is the type of which it is accepted. there are two types that fall under this class. they are hadith sahih and hadith hassan.

al-mardud is the type of which it is not accepted. the worst of it is of hadis maudu’ and the one who is of doubt is hadith daif.

3) hadith sahih and hassan can be divided by 2: which are; hadith sahih lizatihi ,hadis sahih lighairihi, hadis hassan lizaitihi and hadith hassan ligharihi.

4) sanad/isnad is the reporterin of connection of hadith. 

5)matan is the content of each hadith.

6) dhabit: the reporter/rawi of the hadith much have good memories, as so dhabit refers to the actual utterance or act shown by The Prophet. dhabit al-sadr defines the shahabah which memorize the events with his good memory, while  dhabit al -kitab is those who jotted notes of such events, and take a good care of that book of his.

7) thiqah: is the attitude of the rawi, which are trustworthy, wise and dhabit.

8)syaz: is the disparity of hadith that are reported by several rawi that is thiqah. which means, the hadith reported among the rawi which are thiqah is different. hadith that HAS syaz, is doubtful of it truths.

things to note: for those who can understand malay: some of the definition that i jotted here is from the book”40 hadis palsu popular by Abdul Razak Muthalib” which Ive translated by my own justification. Anything that seems doubtful, pls correct me or else, pls refer me to other sources which seems more legit, and trustful. 


Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, Master of the day of Judgement( al-Malik), the God of the first and the Last, Sustainer of heaven and earth, and peace and blessing be upon His trustworthy Prophet( Pbuh), the teacher of mankind, sent as Mercy to the worlds.

As how i put my words at the beginning of this post, i sensed that from my observation of my brothers and sisters ethos( particularly in Malaysia) – advises have been always FAILED. I’ve pondered of this paradigm before, and so, i seek for the ways to help even by minutes, to aid this ethos of what i sense to be the biggest flaws of why my brothers and sisters keep on fighting among themselves.

SO, all bless to Allah, His Messenger, the sahabat, and those who have prayed for my goods, ive come to meet with this book, this earlier month of April, or toas to be noted, the month of jamadul awal of the year 1433H.

Let me get straight to the point.

Actually, there’s reasons for why our advises are not accepted by some of brothers and sisters. It’s either because of their attitudes and flaws, or its our flaws in giving the advise at the best ways to put.

So, as we all know, Prophet Muhammad is the no.1 of the most influential people ever lived on Earth. This is even proved by those infidels and westerners.Why? One of them is because, he knows how to propagate His words and make it prevalent to be induced by his Ummah.

1) Hasten to correct people’s mistakes, and not putting that off.
2) referring people back toto Islam when they make mistakes, and pointing out to them the principle that they are breaking.
3) Asking the person to stop doing the wrong action.
4)Showing one’s anger about the mistake
5)Turning away from the one who has made a mistake and avoiding argument with him, in the hope, he will come back to the right ways.
6)Speaking bluntly to a person about the mistakes he made
7)Boycotting the one who has made a mistake
8) Blaming the person who has made mistakes

9) rebuking the one who has made a mistake.


as how you can see from this short list, there are actually various ways of correcting people mistakes. Our prophet did not stick to one method only. Fatanah= wise. This is another attitude of Him that we should actually do some research on it. The way he depict it can be clearly shown from such a way, he is correcting His people mistakes.

All praise to him, the messenger, the mercy for all mankinds.

-to be continue on their examples on the next post- 


I am growing, FAST.

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1) thanks to all the books and their authors.

2) special thanks to robin s. Sharman. his 7 virtues is kinda practicable. so i can practice, just by remembering those virtues and some new terms like dogma, kaizen etc.

3) thanks to my family. without them, i am not this lucky.

4) thanks to those who care to listen, and care to share in some thought.

and right now, i’m learning grammar. its kinda tough, but i think i can handle them.

Vocabulary/ words empowering?

well, there’s still tons to learn, memorize and use- but i think i can leave it for later.

* currently listening* yo’re never ever: EMINEM. one of my  fav songs.