fist of a fighter that lost his roars

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

weakened soul,
numbed by the shriek of medussa,
self-effacing in the dark shadow,
no one ever come to bear the burrow

how long does it takes,
to deviate myself from this pathway,
i popped my fingernails,
till the crack of bone reach her ears

this eerie feelings that i get,
whenever i succumb myself in the sadness,
of losing a part of my soul,
nobody else seems to know,
how I sensibly hide my brittle heart,
care  to judge myself by the reflection of the serene lake,
break by the stone, creating blissful nightmare.

i wonder how people live hard for tomorrow,
when they have to strife to live the better of today,
i change the sound to dwindle the sound of heavy rainfall,
teemed when cloud shrink lighter,
i glare myself toward the sky.





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