“too many people to ache over…”

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve been together with my life for too long,
expected to encourage life of what i deem as real,
but for the people who ache over life,
to those who’ve died on war, on famine, on stupidity,
i shall pray and give condolences to them.
lamenting as for those who are trying to turn mellow out of a deep wallow.
Can’t you feel the poison rising out of the morning and clear through the night?

You can feel my strength destroy you straight to  the heart from the venomous bite,

i shed my skins tonight, but my fangs are hard to hide, 
 thats the epitome of what war-cry is about.
 nothings to surmise, decrepit of ages.
tears fall, blood dried, muse of music mute the tiger that lost his roars.
the trumpet lose their trumpeter.
even the drain lost their might and spill the thrash out of its mouth.
the kids drink it,
and they died.

The provision of laws as what seems to be real for certain,
ascertained by amok run by those who’ve claimed to be the civilized people,
mans becoming more corrupt,
deceiving the survivor, eaten my their own indulgence, of what claimed to be their passion.
 war break.
six hundred and sixty six.
and those who obeys, darken the cloud of their heart.
banishing those who care to not follow them.
war breaks, and i died.

bury my soul deep in the flesh of mother earth.
the undertaker put me deep down under 7 feet leveled soil,
as i see my bodies crumbled after some 25 years.
ive sensed it with my soul
and my body crumble of old ages,
eaten by maggots and praised by the faggots.

i lived to died. i died once i lived.
black and white,



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