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oH mY, oH mY, oHH mmY.

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just now, i went to AEON jusco bukit Tinggi to spend some precious times with my family. But u know, currently i’m just so not into buying things and stuffs  out of my desire, so during those 20 minutes looking up for a new garments to wear, i justt cant cope with my feelings to feel totally bored! So, i get out from that area, and go settle my unfinished business. First, i  need to transfer some moneys to azreen’s mybank account( for my palapes delayed debts) ,and than as usual, i just can’t help myself to go and take a looks at the nearby bookstore,which is the POPULAR bookstore( that is the only place where i can feel alive!) 😀

Before i start to mention some crucial matters for this notes, i know i somehow need to reiterate this:
my statements are not a form of a bias, prejudice or  racist notes. It just that this is what had happened in my brain, as i dont have to even cogitate it, as my cognitive cerebrum depict those impalpable images, this way.

1) when im on my way to the bookstores, i need to stroll along all the famous and lavish-like boutiques, with expensive garments on displays. inside those luxurious shops, i can see many of belia melayu are in there.  hardly i see any chinese, or indians in those boutiques. and to note, today is saturday.

2) then, once i arrived at the bookstores, i can see many  chineses spending their times hanging around inside the bookstore with their families. i repeat, with their families! SO, peers of my age, and kids of my littlest sister age, are laughing around with their moms and dads, while picking up books that interest them the most. and again, saturday is a no-plastic bag- days. and these chineses are bringing along with them their own paper bags.

3) U see, in those garment stores, they  provide plastic bags to their customers. They don’t seems  to support this ‘save our earth’ cause at all! and look at their customers, for sure lah they are also the same kan?

4)  i spend my time inside the bookstore for a few hours. until my dad’s call me to confirm of my location( i think about 10 pm), then they come to enter the bookstore and tag along with me looking for any good books to read. Frankly, i am by my own passion. I have my own bookshelves, and my family share among themselves, another shelves. Well, im not into fictional books today, since i am more into business, healthcare, no-fiction, self-help, managements and what not, religion.

5) There are just so many books i would love to read. let say if i urge myself to follow my lustful desire over books( yes, it does sound i might spend about RM 500++ every time  i come to any bookstores.

6) So, after some times looking around to search for the best book for my wants, not for what i need, i come to buy this two books:

i. the memory booster
ii. How to complain and get results ( published by CAP)

okay, here’s the reason why i bought these 2  cheap books( jsut cost me MYR32.80), rather than other books:

memory booster:


serious issues

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To date, there’s just too many things that happens in this world that seem to pluck people outside of the box. YES, i admit that all those things are indeed one true things that supposedly believable., and is good too, for the word and their respective nationals.

Sadly, I am not one of them. WHY?because,  this is HOW i see things from my retina and lens.

1. orthodox.
this is an era of Z’s. Where everything can be collected just at the tips of the fingers. So, why bother yourself readings too much mainstream opinions, notes and post when you can actually garner all those informations down to your cortex just through twitters and instagram?

you don’t get me? okay here’s a case.
Organization A said that incidents X is a political forms of play/strategy from a political party B, while organization C condemning those posts ( let say on a written media’s , newspaper U) , and the target, namely TIBAI, So, organization P try to counter that issues, by extracting some misguided and exaggerated notes, from another paper G, leading to another controversial issues namely incident Q.
The victims for the accusation, Political part C at current state ,are trying to winning new target electorates, using manifesto D, so, with a lukewarm comments on incident X, incident Q, says, are voiced to happen!?
okay, such a labyrinthine case isn’t it? Well, that’s because im using letters to make it more confusing.

now, here’s how my readers ( on this post of article) might comments on this occasion:

mr. mutubes:
i am a supporter of political party X previously, and now I am CONFUSED on the true agenda’s of political part X, since they have NOT given the answers that can entertain me. I repeat, THEIR comments are not entertaining and had wasted my teh tarik sips. So now, I’m up to see if another set of new ideals can entertain me and my fellow zynga dam haji fellas.

mrs , saf:
Oh my, oh my. i jst going to listen on what my husband says. He definitely know who to chose because of what he’s doing now is all about understanding the swirling typhoon of my country politics. btw, thts why i married him. kih3.

budak kelantan tipikal:
aku sokong sek2 tuan guru aku ja. demo suma anak gampang. gomo klate!padan muka sime darby lopek!

pak cik baru nak up tipikal:

Well, i noe shangat taw, yg gomen ni dah betul. u all ni mesti generasi x yg baru nak up,bajet garam korang tu masin sngt lah, sebab tu budak2 skrng tak uska dngr ckp u all dah. tak reti bersyukur.padan muka u olls. wekks!

well, each and every examples is my-made, So there’s quite a satire values in it, and please, don’t mind on that that much.

The things that i love to highlight here is that, ALL MY PEOPLE  are bothering much on the PROBLEMS. U SEE ANY SUGGESTED SOLUTION TO CURB THIS DETERIORATING MENACE?


some might try to give out solution, but believe me, all of those are decrepit..No novelty at all.

U see, its not like i wanted to rant blankly here, what i wanted to suggest to these typical gullible people out there is that:

1) STOP bothering too much of your time commenting over this things! WHY dont u start reading on the issues from many eye-points and be squint over that particular issues? undersntad first, and do talk head-on to people who had some connection with all of this perplexing matters.

2) THINK! THINK! THINK! everything is never that simple. especially when its on words. saying out pointless babble will indeed won’t enlighten u since its boring. but with tempos and melodic voice, people will listen. THESE pompous assholes, know this sort of crafty arts. they live in them! Those are their kind of lives! SO THINK before u act. to simply be a part of them, or doing something that can make u become something like them!

3) HAVE FAITH!. adamant faith. kalau susah sangat, solat istikarah ( for the muslims). what’s your resolution for your choice. PLEASE DONT SIMPLY FOLLOW EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE THAT SEEMS PERFECT IN YOUR EYES. everybody has their flaws! some might be foible to see, but many are just crystal clear.

# issues are serious for me only when i am directly/indirectly involved in it. WHY? by cogitating myself like that, i realize every turn of my alleys, of my choice and what is my focus that i can be at my absolute best!.

mimpi aneh.

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gua serius lupa bila masa gua mimpi ni. mimpi ni ada perempuan yg samar2 wajahnya dgn watak2 lelaki2 bukan ajnabi yang mana gua kabur-kabur nampak.

nak dimulakan cerita, firstly gua nak cakap kat sini, gua ni memang kaki mimpi2 aneh .mungkin ada yang lagi aneh dari gua, tapi pasal gua punya aneh, gua ingat padia gua mimpi tu, sebab bila bangun ja dari tido, gua terus imagine trailer mimpi gua tu. so, gua pun ingatlah pebenda gua mimpi tu.

mimpi gua ada 2 part. dua dua mimpi ni perempuan lain-lain. yg sorang ni cun kaw-kaw, free hair rambut hitam-perang mcmtu, tapi sumpah gua tak kenal( gua mimpi pompuan ni masa hari gua baru balik dari survey sempadan hutan- boundry felcra sri bandi)

 part mimpi ni kejap je ah,

cerita dia macam ni.

gua jalan-jalan dekat satu perkampungan yang sangat style depa punya landscape. ada sungai, rumah papan tapi berkilat mcm baru cat dngn celet,  ada budak naik basikal, dngn jalan kaki, baur balik mengaji kot. aku malas pulak nak tanya dorang balik dari mana. tapi aku suka tgk budak2 tu punya muka. comel2 belaka.  aku mulalah fikir pasal bakal bini aku dngn anak aku akan dtng jadi comel dngn ramai macam tu. mesti best doh. pastu tahu speaking arabic dngn lughatul ingeliziyah sambil pandai tulis ying-pin. pastu reti main instrument, sambil belajar seni jujitsu, boleh buat lipat belakang, sambil nyanyi lagu eminem: i am what ever i  say i am. dan pandai masak, kemas rumah, cuci pinggan mangkuk, cek minyak itam dan pandai tu pandai ni. bersepah lagilah benda aku nak dorang terer.

sambil gua jalan2 berangan sambil usha segerombolan budak2 tu, aku pun nampak ada benteng best dekat tepi sungai. port baik punya. rumput dia rumput standard bukan permaidani ataupun meadow grass. tapi sungai dia cantik doh. ada batu2 kelikir( aku rasa lah kelikir, aku tak tahu pun jenis2 batu tu macam mana atau padia depa punya nama), ada pasir2, ada ikan kecik2 macam bilis yg banyk najis tu, dan ikan2 yg aku tahu pe nama dia. yg penting ikan la.

jadi , aku tengah terasa macam makhluk asing kat situ, but at the same time rasa chillex, aku pun baring kat situ. pastu aku cabut isi bunga rumput, pastu gigit dan isap-isap lah daun tu. rasa dia macam rasa air liur aku je. boleh tahan ah. sedap jugak kot ( sebab aku gosok gigi pakai colgate yg ada rasa stroberi mint tu.melekat lagi ah kat sekitar radius gusi dan gigi aku).



aku terbaring meniarap( memang mcm magik jugak ah, kalau hangpa pernah tgk cerita inception, keadaan aku mcm tu jugak lah. tiba2 masuk ke alam mimpi lain. tapi yg ni alam sama lah, tapi keadaan aku yg tadi baring terlentang, tiba-tiba baring meniarap. dan Alhamdulillah, bunga rumput yg aku pusing2 menggunakan teknik lidah utk tiup belon chewing gum yg tak pernah jadik belon tu, masih selamat dalam gigitan aku.

TIBA2, bunga daun tu tukar jadi daun yg lebar dan besar gk ah, mcm daun keladi, tapi dia panjang sikit. aku pun tak tahu daun apa. dan yg kat sini lah gadis cun tu tiba2 muncul. dekat hujung daun tu. nak diceritakan, character awek tu memang cam gadis rupawan idaman laki2 miang dan pervert ah.( aku tak terkecoli ada sikit2 character tu, sbb aku normal lagi, insyaAllah) gadis tu pakai baju kebaya kot tak silap aku. warna aku dah samar2 tak ingat. tapi wajah dia, pergh! putih tapi ada merah2 blush sikit. mata biru2 ada cokelat sikit. rambut dia wavy kot ( kalau aku tak silap). so bermulalah dialog kitorang.

aku: hang sapa?
awek: cheq awek hang la. awat hang tak ingat?
aku: oh.( aku layankan  je la. kata mimpi. jadi betul lah kot tu awek aku)
awek: hang wat mendapa ka sni?
aku: oh,  cheq tgh lepak2 sat. busan ah. tak tahu mendapa nak wat la ni. sangap gila( sambil menguap )
awek:#$*^&#&%( dia pun berleter ape benda ntah, aku tak ingat sangat.) tapi yg aku pasti, aku mengadu kat dia ah pasal aku ni busan, member2 aku ramai yg ak paham apa dia bila aku merepek dalam nada paling serius dan kurang menjengkelkan, sebab busan sangat rasanya.


AKU TAK INGAT APA2, atu camana ,  aku pun tersedaq, bangun pastu pi amek er wuduk. solat subuh. tapi solat aku tak khusyuk langsung, aku punya pikir sapa lah awek tu. ( skrng wajah dia aku dah samar2 sket, lupa dah kot)


yang ni pulak, mimpi pasal aku pi jupa mak bapak seorang perempuan yg seakan-akan aku kenal dlm alam nyata. aku pi makan sekali dngn depa sambil merisik dngn cara paling cool skali. tapi aku borak lebat dngn abah dia je lah. ngn mak dia intro2 mengorat ayat pakai lagu 70-an punya ja. aku ni kurang hebat tang2 mengayat ni. tapi bila tang ibu-ibu, aku macam tiba2 ( dlm mimpi aku) terer pulak mek hati dia. lantak pi ah. jom sama2 follow gua punya cerita nih.

incident dia adalah kat atas jalan. hujung jalan kampung, atas bukit. langit biru gelap, dicerahi dngn kelipan bersepah buruj2 bitnang yg mana aku tak hafal sangat la nama buruj tu. bulan aku tak perasan ada ke tak. tapi pemandangan nampak laut tu memang smart ah.aku rasa area2 selngor dekat2  rawang kot. sbb aku macam pernah mai situ sebelum ni. aku rasa lah.

aku pergi situ sebab nak jumpa bakal abang ipaq aku. saja nak pi lepak2. aku rasa la abang ipar. fada dua orang kat situ. sorang lepak kat keta, sorang lagi dngn wanita yg bertudung molek, merangkap bakal bini aku  itu. firasat aku menyatakn begitu..( kih3 ,malu2 sat.) nak dijadikan cerita,
pastu kitorang pun borak2. pasai keta lah, pasai moto lah, pasal laut, pasal politik kat mesia ni, dan mcm2 lagi. ( aku ingat2 lupa gak , lama gak ah kitorang borak)

tiba2. berlaku dialoq aku ngn bakal bini aku.

aku: adoi moto rosaq ah. camana nak pi ke site esok nih.

bakal bini. takpa ah, biaq cheq anta.
 aku: anta camana?

bkal bini. balik umah sat , amek keta.

pastu kita pun pi la balek umah( aku pun layan je lah mimpi aku tu, rumah sapa aku tak tahu. tapi rumah tu rumah kembaq/ters area taman la. kat luar rumah tu ada byk motoq.dan ada satu keta. macam keta hilux tak pun d max.

jadi aku pun lek je lah masok. kata rumah aku.


aku masuk2 ada macam makan2. even dalam mimpi ni pun aku terpikir. “sth smells fishy here”
mmmmeeeemey ah fishy, mak mentua aku masak ikan bakaq. bau dia sedap doh. pastu aku borak2 ah dngn sapa2 yg ada kat dlm rumah tu. termasuk mak mentua aku( bakal).

pastu tiba2 si ayah bakal bini aku pun masuk. aku pun pi salam pakcik tu. pakcik tu muka sawo2 matang skit, ada jambang, pakai songkok. tinggi lebih kurang aku.( tinggi fizikal pakcik tu, bukan tinggi songkok). badan pakcik tu mantian .mcm ada ketak2 lagi kot. aku pun ckp ” assalamualikum pakcik, pakcik sihat? dia balas balik sihat.

pastu kitorang pun duk bersila. nk makan doh ah ni.


yg aku pelik nya, tiba2 tak pasai kat situ ada adik aku, ada ayah aku, ada mak aku. tapi depa suma dok ja situ, tak ckp menda-menda. pastu dialog kami pun bermula. ni yg aku ingat skit2 la pasal dialoq kami berdua.

bakal pak mentua: pakcik tertarik dngn benda yg kamu tahu. byk gak. aritu pakcik ada la baca msge kamu kat henset si ****** tuh.
aku: oh well, memmey ar( okay yg ni tipu)
aku: oh, saya byk baca benda2 ni. sbb saya minat lama dah pakcik .all the things about economy, politics and some heavy things that happening in this corrupted world.. ( saja speaking, nk poyo kat pak mentua,kih3)

pak mentua: oh, jadi ni la yg kamu borak dngn si ****** ni sampai begayut lebih pukul 12.30 mlm tu eh?

aku : (terkekeh-kekeh) haha. ye la kot. simple je ak bagi kat bakal pak mentua aku.

abah aku yg ada makan dan menguyah kat sebelah aku yg tiba2 je ada situ( aku pun tak ingat bila watak dia muncul makan sebelah aku sambil muka berkerut-kerut, tercekik tulang kot, tapi kaver elegan kot depan bakal bini aku tuh)

pastu borak2, tiba2 aku sedar, tgk tingkap kat celah langsir langit mcm biru2 nk cerah skt. cek jam, dah pukul 6.50 pg. pa lagi, aku pun pi wat menda2 yg patut.

nak dikatakan kat sini: aku cuba lah kaitkan peristiwa mimpi ni dngn pa yg aku rasa skrng. aku takda lah desperate sngt nk kawen ka apa. tapi pasai apa aku mimpi lagu tu pa suma, cheq memey tak tahu ah kan. papa pun , jodoh di tngn tuhan.  dan nak jadik laki orang  dngn bapak orang bukan senang doh. cuak nanang boh!

pepepun, mimpi2 yg mcmni, memey boleh buat gua senyum sorng2 tiba2. bukan gila. tapi gua terkenang mimpi dlm angan2 gua itu.



Firstly, its my thought. Others opinion might be far more interesting and intriguing than mine. But surely, I talk it out based from my experience, others experience, and off course books that had teach me quite a lot.

1. To be manly, we need to sacrifice the dearest desire for entertainment.

Well off course, each and every guys on earth love their freedom the most. We can do what we desire, without any inferiority complex, either by physical or mental means. What i wanted to highlight here is that, man who can sacrifice his time at the epic center of the things that he loves the most for the sake of the ‘ things that he hated the most, but are far too important to be delayed ,skipped or undone’ are worthy to be a man for his young man or in another words, his sons.
It is so clear that even in islam, man are supposed to be the breadwinner of the family. They need to feed not just his mouth, but his wife and children mouth. If we entertain ourselves too much with our hobby, when they’re still far more greater responsibilities delayed, he is not a man worthy to be a man of a  family.

2. Passionate yet incisive.

Passion always seemed synonymous with desire, and that lead to the impetuous and pugnacious attitude of the barrel, the holder of such adjectives, a man with plenty pascal of adrenaline. Well, to lead a team, one must act accordingly, and accept others opinion. becoming a good listener for one who is so passionate to talk over a certain things, indeed is quite a trouble. we need to be calm, and listen to what others says, let them point out their opinions and suggestions before we interrupt/ intercept them. For someone who is quite new in spitting out ideas as output for others to embrace, actually, interception will bring more harms than good.
Why? because interception is a form of a gentle rejection, and rejection brings out a mentality of inferiority. Let them rants, and do provide them a sense of belonging and respects since the more u give, the more u get back. A sort of ideas that might be well understand if u relate it with the ideas of  reaping something u had sowed.

3. A manly man is those who are a tyrant fighter, yet humble enough to feed a stray cat.

Efforts garner results. And from results, comments come in. Off course comments will never be rigid with appraisal and something that please our ears . Perhaps, many will scrutinize, ridicule, give in sarcastic condemns, and only a few will sincerely praise and give advices. A tyrant fighter will adhere to the path of truth, while accepting the spices and sours of failures.
Thomas Edison, Graham Bell, Wilbur Wrights and  Steve Jobs are some names that might ring some ideas into your head about failures is not the end of life at all. If you succeed, u msut never forget the weak, and if u fails, u must either grab a helping hands, or stand up on your own, which ever that appeal the most to you ( some people hate to look awful in front of others, same goes to my previous self-conscience)

|I believe that, a true man forgive mistakes with advices, Respect and praise sincerely with reasons, and stand up proudly for the sake of the one that he must protect.|

A true man must always be the DOERS. ACTION-PACKED resolves and ideas defines a manly man. I urge myself to be and act like one. Thanks for all that helped, including the authors that really reach me with their words. i thanks u guys a lot.!


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direct to the point of discussion:

no title of so-what pompous but lack determination only sooth-saying what ever stuff that please others,

“i am what ever i say i am” by eminem.

Arguments is indeed a fundamental traits in ensuring ourselves to realize the best of our-self, since it is an automatic version of self-reflection. When we see our image often, using the least refractive index of mirror possible, we can generate of what i may call  ‘the realization of extreme greatness ‘within ourselves with the candor of humbleness that connect the meshes of people with different point of view, but openly accepted by the people.

Lamb like people sometimes been mistaken as timid people who live in comfort of their own small zone of pleasure, whilst it may be true in my country, but not in other side of the world. You see, for someone who still living under his parent armpit, i can conclude that the restriction of doing some extraneous things out of passion and my adrenaline rush by them, help me to control my pugnacious attitude. To relate with the faults that most people done in judging the judges and the mediocrities, my people seems to be elated with any lulled opinions that alleviate their zone, and rage over discomfort that seemed to be expropriated by let say the government. The  irony is, when i ask them anything in tandems with law of such matters, sadly, they do not know what to give in. yeah, splendid isn’t it?

“Positively see things with pristine thought, will generate a bliss”
this words of wisdom can indeed help our daily works to become better as a whole. practice make perfect. that excerpts, even the 3rd grader knows it. Yet, the implementation and the realization are no less, disappointing. why? because they easily give-up. patter much, spat everywhere, but yet no action and measures taken.

1)no practice, no gain. 2) little practice, with an idealistic dream. 3) big ideas, no action 4) succumbed ad give -up in the middle of turbulence.


“i see examples from books, and i set my goals definite with a blue-sky understanding over my past mistakes.
how? environment, definitely.

U see, when we are able to concur on demands and certain arguments that surmise the topic, even though the ideas inundate you with skeptical believe from others( since your idea is very much illogical) , the views of others will definitely change when you give kudos to them, admit your mistakes ( not highlighting it, and settle down the topic with the best measure possible, life will definitely blossom. Sanguine people rush out for results every time, but what differentiate them to stage at the greatest of themselves is the quality of them to be able to speak with candor.

less have the quality, but those who have it, will live splendidly. over-work, but satisfied entirely. Frankly, u guys need to know that its okay to reek yourself with failures for a first and earlier experience.   the things is u need to admit your discrepancies, find a solution for it, and take action! little by little , if u can get yourself with this philosophy of life, i am so sure, your life will turn down-upside. totally spectacular.


since u act, u preserve, and u succeed!.

Simple, but that’s the easy truth that snobbish people can never done. talk with words , but no action taken. no output. just some saliva wasting.

Lastly, as to make u remember it deep in your soul, and carve it deep in your mind, all these features and ideas of success must be humbly done with sincerity. it’s an ideal to become great, with no patsy tittle to be a poseur of the corrupted medias. Achieve greatness, with candor!