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direct to the point of discussion:

no title of so-what pompous but lack determination only sooth-saying what ever stuff that please others,

“i am what ever i say i am” by eminem.

Arguments is indeed a fundamental traits in ensuring ourselves to realize the best of our-self, since it is an automatic version of self-reflection. When we see our image often, using the least refractive index of mirror possible, we can generate of what i may call  ‘the realization of extreme greatness ‘within ourselves with the candor of humbleness that connect the meshes of people with different point of view, but openly accepted by the people.

Lamb like people sometimes been mistaken as timid people who live in comfort of their own small zone of pleasure, whilst it may be true in my country, but not in other side of the world. You see, for someone who still living under his parent armpit, i can conclude that the restriction of doing some extraneous things out of passion and my adrenaline rush by them, help me to control my pugnacious attitude. To relate with the faults that most people done in judging the judges and the mediocrities, my people seems to be elated with any lulled opinions that alleviate their zone, and rage over discomfort that seemed to be expropriated by let say the government. The  irony is, when i ask them anything in tandems with law of such matters, sadly, they do not know what to give in. yeah, splendid isn’t it?

“Positively see things with pristine thought, will generate a bliss”
this words of wisdom can indeed help our daily works to become better as a whole. practice make perfect. that excerpts, even the 3rd grader knows it. Yet, the implementation and the realization are no less, disappointing. why? because they easily give-up. patter much, spat everywhere, but yet no action and measures taken.

1)no practice, no gain. 2) little practice, with an idealistic dream. 3) big ideas, no action 4) succumbed ad give -up in the middle of turbulence.


“i see examples from books, and i set my goals definite with a blue-sky understanding over my past mistakes.
how? environment, definitely.

U see, when we are able to concur on demands and certain arguments that surmise the topic, even though the ideas inundate you with skeptical believe from others( since your idea is very much illogical) , the views of others will definitely change when you give kudos to them, admit your mistakes ( not highlighting it, and settle down the topic with the best measure possible, life will definitely blossom. Sanguine people rush out for results every time, but what differentiate them to stage at the greatest of themselves is the quality of them to be able to speak with candor.

less have the quality, but those who have it, will live splendidly. over-work, but satisfied entirely. Frankly, u guys need to know that its okay to reek yourself with failures for a first and earlier experience.   the things is u need to admit your discrepancies, find a solution for it, and take action! little by little , if u can get yourself with this philosophy of life, i am so sure, your life will turn down-upside. totally spectacular.


since u act, u preserve, and u succeed!.

Simple, but that’s the easy truth that snobbish people can never done. talk with words , but no action taken. no output. just some saliva wasting.

Lastly, as to make u remember it deep in your soul, and carve it deep in your mind, all these features and ideas of success must be humbly done with sincerity. it’s an ideal to become great, with no patsy tittle to be a poseur of the corrupted medias. Achieve greatness, with candor!



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