what makes a man, manyly enough to be gentleman?

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Firstly, its my thought. Others opinion might be far more interesting and intriguing than mine. But surely, I talk it out based from my experience, others experience, and off course books that had teach me quite a lot.

1. To be manly, we need to sacrifice the dearest desire for entertainment.

Well off course, each and every guys on earth love their freedom the most. We can do what we desire, without any inferiority complex, either by physical or mental means. What i wanted to highlight here is that, man who can sacrifice his time at the epic center of the things that he loves the most for the sake of the ‘ things that he hated the most, but are far too important to be delayed ,skipped or undone’ are worthy to be a man for his young man or in another words, his sons.
It is so clear that even in islam, man are supposed to be the breadwinner of the family. They need to feed not just his mouth, but his wife and children mouth. If we entertain ourselves too much with our hobby, when they’re still far more greater responsibilities delayed, he is not a man worthy to be a man of a  family.

2. Passionate yet incisive.

Passion always seemed synonymous with desire, and that lead to the impetuous and pugnacious attitude of the barrel, the holder of such adjectives, a man with plenty pascal of adrenaline. Well, to lead a team, one must act accordingly, and accept others opinion. becoming a good listener for one who is so passionate to talk over a certain things, indeed is quite a trouble. we need to be calm, and listen to what others says, let them point out their opinions and suggestions before we interrupt/ intercept them. For someone who is quite new in spitting out ideas as output for others to embrace, actually, interception will bring more harms than good.
Why? because interception is a form of a gentle rejection, and rejection brings out a mentality of inferiority. Let them rants, and do provide them a sense of belonging and respects since the more u give, the more u get back. A sort of ideas that might be well understand if u relate it with the ideas of  reaping something u had sowed.

3. A manly man is those who are a tyrant fighter, yet humble enough to feed a stray cat.

Efforts garner results. And from results, comments come in. Off course comments will never be rigid with appraisal and something that please our ears . Perhaps, many will scrutinize, ridicule, give in sarcastic condemns, and only a few will sincerely praise and give advices. A tyrant fighter will adhere to the path of truth, while accepting the spices and sours of failures.
Thomas Edison, Graham Bell, Wilbur Wrights and  Steve Jobs are some names that might ring some ideas into your head about failures is not the end of life at all. If you succeed, u msut never forget the weak, and if u fails, u must either grab a helping hands, or stand up on your own, which ever that appeal the most to you ( some people hate to look awful in front of others, same goes to my previous self-conscience)

|I believe that, a true man forgive mistakes with advices, Respect and praise sincerely with reasons, and stand up proudly for the sake of the one that he must protect.|

A true man must always be the DOERS. ACTION-PACKED resolves and ideas defines a manly man. I urge myself to be and act like one. Thanks for all that helped, including the authors that really reach me with their words. i thanks u guys a lot.!


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