serious issues

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

To date, there’s just too many things that happens in this world that seem to pluck people outside of the box. YES, i admit that all those things are indeed one true things that supposedly believable., and is good too, for the word and their respective nationals.

Sadly, I am not one of them. WHY?because,  this is HOW i see things from my retina and lens.

1. orthodox.
this is an era of Z’s. Where everything can be collected just at the tips of the fingers. So, why bother yourself readings too much mainstream opinions, notes and post when you can actually garner all those informations down to your cortex just through twitters and instagram?

you don’t get me? okay here’s a case.
Organization A said that incidents X is a political forms of play/strategy from a political party B, while organization C condemning those posts ( let say on a written media’s , newspaper U) , and the target, namely TIBAI, So, organization P try to counter that issues, by extracting some misguided and exaggerated notes, from another paper G, leading to another controversial issues namely incident Q.
The victims for the accusation, Political part C at current state ,are trying to winning new target electorates, using manifesto D, so, with a lukewarm comments on incident X, incident Q, says, are voiced to happen!?
okay, such a labyrinthine case isn’t it? Well, that’s because im using letters to make it more confusing.

now, here’s how my readers ( on this post of article) might comments on this occasion:

mr. mutubes:
i am a supporter of political party X previously, and now I am CONFUSED on the true agenda’s of political part X, since they have NOT given the answers that can entertain me. I repeat, THEIR comments are not entertaining and had wasted my teh tarik sips. So now, I’m up to see if another set of new ideals can entertain me and my fellow zynga dam haji fellas.

mrs , saf:
Oh my, oh my. i jst going to listen on what my husband says. He definitely know who to chose because of what he’s doing now is all about understanding the swirling typhoon of my country politics. btw, thts why i married him. kih3.

budak kelantan tipikal:
aku sokong sek2 tuan guru aku ja. demo suma anak gampang. gomo klate!padan muka sime darby lopek!

pak cik baru nak up tipikal:

Well, i noe shangat taw, yg gomen ni dah betul. u all ni mesti generasi x yg baru nak up,bajet garam korang tu masin sngt lah, sebab tu budak2 skrng tak uska dngr ckp u all dah. tak reti bersyukur.padan muka u olls. wekks!

well, each and every examples is my-made, So there’s quite a satire values in it, and please, don’t mind on that that much.

The things that i love to highlight here is that, ALL MY PEOPLE  are bothering much on the PROBLEMS. U SEE ANY SUGGESTED SOLUTION TO CURB THIS DETERIORATING MENACE?


some might try to give out solution, but believe me, all of those are decrepit..No novelty at all.

U see, its not like i wanted to rant blankly here, what i wanted to suggest to these typical gullible people out there is that:

1) STOP bothering too much of your time commenting over this things! WHY dont u start reading on the issues from many eye-points and be squint over that particular issues? undersntad first, and do talk head-on to people who had some connection with all of this perplexing matters.

2) THINK! THINK! THINK! everything is never that simple. especially when its on words. saying out pointless babble will indeed won’t enlighten u since its boring. but with tempos and melodic voice, people will listen. THESE pompous assholes, know this sort of crafty arts. they live in them! Those are their kind of lives! SO THINK before u act. to simply be a part of them, or doing something that can make u become something like them!

3) HAVE FAITH!. adamant faith. kalau susah sangat, solat istikarah ( for the muslims). what’s your resolution for your choice. PLEASE DONT SIMPLY FOLLOW EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE THAT SEEMS PERFECT IN YOUR EYES. everybody has their flaws! some might be foible to see, but many are just crystal clear.

# issues are serious for me only when i am directly/indirectly involved in it. WHY? by cogitating myself like that, i realize every turn of my alleys, of my choice and what is my focus that i can be at my absolute best!.


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