oH mY, oH mY, oHH mmY.

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

just now, i went to AEON jusco bukit Tinggi to spend some precious times with my family. But u know, currently i’m just so not into buying things and stuffs  out of my desire, so during those 20 minutes looking up for a new garments to wear, i justt cant cope with my feelings to feel totally bored! So, i get out from that area, and go settle my unfinished business. First, i  need to transfer some moneys to azreen’s mybank account( for my palapes delayed debts) ,and than as usual, i just can’t help myself to go and take a looks at the nearby bookstore,which is the POPULAR bookstore( that is the only place where i can feel alive!) 😀

Before i start to mention some crucial matters for this notes, i know i somehow need to reiterate this:
my statements are not a form of a bias, prejudice or  racist notes. It just that this is what had happened in my brain, as i dont have to even cogitate it, as my cognitive cerebrum depict those impalpable images, this way.

1) when im on my way to the bookstores, i need to stroll along all the famous and lavish-like boutiques, with expensive garments on displays. inside those luxurious shops, i can see many of belia melayu are in there.  hardly i see any chinese, or indians in those boutiques. and to note, today is saturday.

2) then, once i arrived at the bookstores, i can see many  chineses spending their times hanging around inside the bookstore with their families. i repeat, with their families! SO, peers of my age, and kids of my littlest sister age, are laughing around with their moms and dads, while picking up books that interest them the most. and again, saturday is a no-plastic bag- days. and these chineses are bringing along with them their own paper bags.

3) U see, in those garment stores, they  provide plastic bags to their customers. They don’t seems  to support this ‘save our earth’ cause at all! and look at their customers, for sure lah they are also the same kan?

4)  i spend my time inside the bookstore for a few hours. until my dad’s call me to confirm of my location( i think about 10 pm), then they come to enter the bookstore and tag along with me looking for any good books to read. Frankly, i am by my own passion. I have my own bookshelves, and my family share among themselves, another shelves. Well, im not into fictional books today, since i am more into business, healthcare, no-fiction, self-help, managements and what not, religion.

5) There are just so many books i would love to read. let say if i urge myself to follow my lustful desire over books( yes, it does sound fetish.lol) i might spend about RM 500++ every time  i come to any bookstores.

6) So, after some times looking around to search for the best book for my wants, not for what i need, i come to buy this two books:

i. the memory booster
ii. How to complain and get results ( published by CAP)

okay, here’s the reason why i bought these 2  cheap books( jsut cost me MYR32.80), rather than other books:

memory booster:


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