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why so serious?

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

many sense gags in almost every little single things that seemed palpable to them . most, keep on finding answers that please them. whether it’s on ideas, prejudice, or lame juggling emotional problems, they just can’t stop being stress unless they found something of what they want to see. “avoiding truth”

well, i admit, i am not someone who owns the world. i share. i care. i dare.
i’d laughed hard,
i’d dream deep,
i’d think something stupid.
i’d do lots off crazy stuffs.


well, making jokes made people laugh. u’ve got tons of punchlines up your head, you’ll be swag. well, that’s what my homeboys call it. swag.

so u got friends, because you’re funny. you got friends becuase you’re rich. you got loves cause you’re sexy, handsome and u’d reacted with such emotion.


typicality. i sense it. i just can’t stop from seeing this things over and over again. why? when?

1) cause i’ve breath in His presence.
2) when people ogle up, sides and down, searching for answers. when they never mellow  and cogitate, what’s lies in their brain, what lies in their heart. subconscious efforts + subconscious desire. the first temptation that ma forms glands in your eye bags. the actual truth that yourself actually wanted.


whether u made it up, or u fight and yearn for it, it’s up to you. you struggle, you strive, you gamble…
well, i am not someone who gamble over some tedious assignments as knowing what i’d do might not gonna give a big impact in my life. well that’s what i happens to think some ears before, egoistic bastard.
yes, i admit. i think i am an owner. i conning for myself, to make preys of my past and futures.

-done doing, and yes, it sucks…

people change when they are a learner. iv;e changed, you’ve change they’ve changed. but again..

do you realize how you want to look at others makes what happens to be in your eyes, happen to be that way?


i am serious now. this is a transcendence. im learning something else. i choose to be outperform myself in other fields. i choose to sacrifice something that happens to be materialistic to many.

i choose to see the world. not to make the world see me.

“do not acquire knowledge to vie with the scholars, or to wrangle with the fools, or to seat in the best seats. whoever does that, his abode will be the fire the fire.”

this world is a mere dream. the core or roots or basic of your so-called dreams in whatever sense of definition that comes up in your mind when you meet this word for your first eye..

and you can choose to be awake in this dream, or remain in limbo of your slumbers.

some packs of His slaves had awaken me from my long, deviated slumbers.. Alhamdulllah..

i gained knowledge for His sakes, since He is the owner of everything that ever popped up in our minds.

He, Allah.99 attributes, 20 sifat.

Aku Hamba. Ini Dunia. di sana tempat tinggal selama-lamannya. Aku  cuba sedar aku akur. aku cuba fahami, dan aku cuba jadi antara yang memikir, bukan pengikut aliran pemikiran watak-watak senja.

Aku, persaudaraan.

jadi aku serious.



1. my chum told me that: dude: u’r a liberal. u young, u smart, u have your own stands.

me: come on!why we still stick by those agendas started by the western? u know about those terms and all? yeah, indeed we do need to know all the definition of all those certain terms, so taht we’ll not being cheated and addressed by those words, in a cynical manners( actually , thts wht i think) understanding all of those term is not a good things man. we should start of using words in other langage as well, mexican or camoanS? arabic perhaps?

chum:? uh??wht th..?!

me: what? HAHA. ( giggle)

2. someone shared this on facebook: just can’t respect people with no proper vocab and therefore choose to express themselves by cursing… Go get a dictionary!

excuse me, i think cursing is still an art of english. u know some of my favouritre rappers never care to use proper english when he’s rapping. but i can tell ya, he’s graduated his full-fledged nazi- grammar girl!

at least they try to learn english by cursing. but u know, meleeis are just so damn judgmental, and always care for others perception! the irony is, theyll then bicker over those perception and whatnot, take serious of all those comment( past me included, lol)


3. WWW1 vs AGS 10. well thats damn funny, i tell ya! 😀

4. facts can spoil good arguments, so when i know too many facts, than relate it with my imagination to surmise anything, and win over any consensus, u know.. people jsut hate to talk about anything with me..

i’m smart eh? nah, just critical. thats all. 😀