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defined. Alhamdulillah (:

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

well, some months has already passed, and i’ve gained and learned many things during these intervals of times, Alhamdulillah.

typical.yes, typical.

of how myself trying so hard to define a special magic word, which can be a taboo, or a bliss to those who can define it at best.

which is : LOVE.

i deemed to read some philosophy book articles, research, and many sayings from human tongue, just to define this word, that bring more harms than good to me for all these times…

and thanks to Him i learned. i seems to get a gist of a clear sight, of what kind of meaning this word ‘LOVE” actually means to me.

i love You. is a simple and typical way of showing care, a subtle 3 simple words that can turn times to be precious, dreams into reality, chaos into slumber, quarrel into wonderful moments…

yes that’s the typical propaganda my brain had set up for me, thanks to certain circuits of agendas. well, this is a hard truth, but i believes, many had succumbed to a deep chasm of lies, of such a wonderful and brimming words, LOVE.

i cant love a girl before i love Him the most.

i cant love children before i love Him the most.

i cant love elders before i love Him the most.

i cant love animals before i love Him the most.

i cant love any of His creation before i can Love Him the most.

He is the owner of LOVE.

to love her, is to love Him first. if i think i love her, than that’s a lie to myself, as that love should be owned by Him. if i lost my sense, lost my pride, lost my dignity, lost my charm and by the worst, lost my faith because of a single girl, a single little creation of Him(nauzubillah) than that love is a lie. such feeling is a deviation whispered by syaitan.
if i say i love my family my friends, my belongings, the floras or the faunas i need to perfect the love with a simple words of marvel, because of His magnificent creation, by sincerely say out loud, MashaAllah! or Alhamdulillah, or Allahuakbar and Subhanallah. May Allah guide us, insyaAllah.