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the odds. washe…

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the odds. washed by the sedated rain, slowly remove all the tarnished stains.

tell no lie. no need to be secretive about any things.

aib jaga. hijab aurat : jaga.

tangga beramal, begitu juga tangga bernasihat dan memberi peringatan.
mesti jaga. wajib jaga.

berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran dan kesabaran.

budak fizik belajar pasal end gates kan?

kebaikan AND kesabaran = +1

kebaikan OR kesabaran= 0

and gate= mesti berpasangan. berpesan kepada kebaikan dan kesabaran.



well, that kindoff looks for me is about this time, is just a smirkable matter for me. why?

my people, i mean my race, which bluster about islamic matters all the time, spewing racist words to my fellow non-muslims malaysians have somehow inflicted 3 major wounds to the islamic community as a whole, and later make dumb of themselves while spitting surmount discrepancies over and over again.

what are they?


( i prefer to make a passive statement to make pondering over this matter,is a crucial must to whoever read it)- per say, i question, u search, and then answer .

1. pls list down at least 3 companions of prophet muhammad SAW who are born muslims, among the ahlul badr( the companions who bring an epic triumph during the badr war)??

2. what is the position of ahlul zimmi during the reign of islam as the sovereignty of Madinah, as during our beloved prophet Muhammad is in charge of them?

3. Which is more effective? portraying attitudes whole-thoroughly during our daily activities vs speaking about a conduct like a scholars, but had never continuously practise them in life?

well, if u realize what i wanted to emphasize here, then, good . pls share my thought with the others.

all goods comes from Allah, and the blunders is all because of my own wickedness as an ‘insan’.

“who is more unjust than someone who hides some evidence from God which he  holds?God is not heedless of what you’re doing”

(al- baqarah :140)