wired thoughts vs mess-up feelings

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

okay, let us discuss everything by logic. so first thing that u can see is that, it make sense.

see any wire close to you? yes see the wire that stuck at your laptop. now pluck out that power output out from your laptop.next play some videos. let say any short videos that best interest you. try to discern any feelings, any adjectives that catch the presence of your hearts. now, if u feeling like it, you can rewind the video as much as you want. please watch it at the best quality that befits your enormous passion toward your so-addressed, unrequited feelings.

next step. now, if you are doing your assignment( it best if you are in that situation) , please bear in your mind that you are independent and love your works if you already save it before reading this. why? let me tell about tht later on.

and now, pls check your laptop remaining battery. how many percents have been wasted? there is no chargers in, just the Ni battery. If I say, u keep on repeating watching your fav dramas/ videos that u loved the most for some more times, it is a definite things to happen later on, where your laptop will suddenly shut down by itself right? some who dont have any back-up files will lost everything of what actually important- the unsaved assignments. RAGE! kan?

let me get things straight now. the chargers is the persons that actually loves you. but when you found a great videos, per se the best ideals of memories that u crave for, u pluck out the cable from your laptop. why? maybe the cable is not long enough, and u want to watch your favorite videos on your bed which located quite far from the pluck. to make things short, by now the essence of the pure loves is now gone. but you never realize it. you are already fathomed by the new seems-to-be a fantasy that ‘will’ become reality if u think over it so-and-so again and again. pls now, think again. rethink!

those videos symbolize memories, it might influence your thoughts, sometimes even your emotions! yet, they are just videos. how many times you watch them, u may never act, or breath, smile and cry like the character inside. those are all fictional. man-made! you create the emotion out of your own wired thoughts, they way u like it, or want it to be! you are indeed trying to deem something which fates has already turned out to be like that. fathomed by the insidious virus of melancholy. STOP! your battery is now low! u might lost some unsaved content!

embrace people around you!those that love you, and always there by your side when you need em”! family, friends! put back the chargers inside your laptop! surely the performance of your laptop will becomes better, and the battery will be filled in!

surely your life will turns great, if you see those videos with your family, with your friends, instead on caressing your own unstable messed up feelings, with clinging to any stiff walls, called ‘chemical bond’ which can only be separated by hydrolysis, by death!

meaning to say, don’t hide your feelings! show them out. be strong outside-out and side out! become a fighter with a guru, not a poseur who have no skills to fight at all, yet try to challenge a 5 dan karate kid, be spanked up , be kicked-down , cry and give up . learn , take and embrace advises from who already experienced such things. there are never such things like ‘only i understand me’.


if such things do exist, then why laptop comprises of may sets of chips, stuffs and stuffs, wire must be in bulk, waters consist of the bond of elements, books need many words, one letters cant explain anything, nose has two hole and the system is yet complex with a combination of many organs and all?

cherish your life. dont waste it with wired up thoughts. free it if it is tangled! your are bound to feel free and happy with a limit of condition to only do things with the proper guidance from quran and hadeeth. inshaAllah. with His blessing, all iz well

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