it take tears to create a crytal.

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

most rpg games, there is a rare item called tear drop. a tear drop is an item which can cure everything and remedy all maladies.

well, tears is indeed something worth the most in this world.

a mom tears will be the definite turn out whether we’re going to be in heaven or in hell.

a bro tears is something so subtle to another brother, which somehow will manifest strength, pride and honor to fight with him together in the next battle.


for tears fall for reasons, and best to realize that the highest empathy and sympathy towards our tears is no other than our own delusional self .

but to realize that there are Allah who always there to care for you times and days, 24/7 if u always embrace His essence within you, MashaAllah! surely u will achieve the utmost bliss, and can only drop tears of joys, and never sorrow for your own self.



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