not that much time to swallow

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

somehow i think i might move to vblog. well, its easier, can show-cast some scenery of where i stand, and i might can introduce some interesting people to you.

well, indeed books help me greatly! i gather things from my readings, at least i have things to start when i meet some new people, i mean somewhere not from malaysia. from what i see, most peoples who are somehow quite educated really love their religion and country. i’d talk to people from libya, indonesia, bangladesh, iran, afghanistan, somalia, korea, japan, palestin, and many other countries ,which i can’t list em all up here, cause my brain aint not tht good these days. need some tony buzan-stuffs to spark all those neuron in my brain later on.. well, these peoples really know the history of their country, how the systems going and of corse, they already committed to contribute something to their nation, once they successfully finish their studies and get some decent jobs and influence! ah~ compare to my fellow malaysians… still need a long way to go, still need many times and saliva to waste for the benefits of my beloved  religion and nation.

oh,btw. right now i am in my final year! alhamdulillah! and currently i am doing my psm, meaning my final year project(FYP)-on  utility survey approach in HDD : it practice in Malaysia.

frankly, its a new stuff. horizontal directional drilling (HDD) seems like a famous method of drilling and boring for developed nation, and somehow, there are lots off literature and dissertation on it which i can put in my reference part. but, once i ask my uncle if he had any data about HDD, he said he don’t! sudahh.mapus kalau takda data, confirm2 panel byk kutuk aku. haih.
then, sebab my uncle is really passionate and curious about my psm topic( since hang bayang, otai engineer pun ramai tak tahu pasal ni-lepas dia tanya kat opih dia) he goes to the putrajaya, and said that he is going to ask some people up there, mostly the contractors that might now something about things that i want… fyeww~
oh well, i just hope for the best, and as a saying goes:

“if u hopes for the best, u must prepare for the worst! “

so i think i might need to do some research on rebar positioning, and retaining wall classifications using ground penetrating radar or pipe locator..or anything new like DIOD approach in drilling construction, or something like that.

i choose to delve deeper in this stuff, since i believe in the blue ocean strategy: delve yourself into a new market, that might has high demand, depending on some surveys through books, and of course, rigorous reading! i might ave done all that, so whts come around goes arroud, seriously everything depends on my effort. like what i quoted from my previous post.. great ideas need…bla. bla.bla, blah.. and BLOAH..

not much time to swallow, indeed. i surely hopes all things goes for the best!

p/s: after some hanky-panky life involving myself wtih organisations and so on, i hardly able to let go myself from such busyness. so i start to indulge myself with some voluntary works and might become advocate of some cause later on. something that involves palestin, syria, rohingya, bosnia ,south doing so, i can travel, i can meet more people and foremost, i can learn how to be more thankful to what Allah has blessed me with.



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