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In particular, people tend to make use of words for something lousy and lame which i tend to agree on that.

They make use of words to  bulldoze   others  ideas, so as their trust,  moral values, etiquette and believe.

Words can be propagated through two main medium which are; by orally voicing it out to the audience and  trough typing it out, like how i am doing right now. Reading and listening a lot of material generally is a means of input, whereas talking and writing are the outputs.

If the processor isn’t good, than the output will be terrible despite the input is the most quality input ever gathered by the circle of ideas mustered. For human being, their circle of ideas depends on their brain. There are lot of stimulus in the brain which can be activated through a continuous activities, that are parallel with their  lust, desires and needs.

For example:

If you keep on listening to songs, and u did not sang it back, u will be most probably unable to sing the song  with the same lyrics, with the same rhythm and tempo.You might ‘think’ that u are able to do so, but when being challenged or asked by others to do such things, You will absolutely unable to sing it, as your output ventilation hole is just too narrow!.

The same goes to reading and writing. If we always practice to rewrite back thing that we read( where most of 1st grader always do this for their spelling class) they will definitely be able to write as good as the reading source that they currently read. That is why for kindergarten that teach their  kids to rewrite  and recite back the  sentences that they’ve been experienced in class, they will be absolutely able to do so, as they had experienced a repeated words again ad again through most of their major senses. read and listen once, then rewrite and recite it back 10 times. But as human matured, their ego grew and they stop practicing their skills to enlarge their output hole, making it sinks and becomes narrow again. Irony, but that’s how greedy humans are as when they grow older becoming a selfish adult. always want something, but hardly gives something.

Next, let us discuss this deas in a sense of analogy of  for a chef and their customer.  The chef cook and present good and edible foods to their customer. Despite the price are expensive ,the customers  will definitely go for them in order  entertain their gluts.

Then, per say that the customer had all the moneys needed to buy  all the cooking utensils, and all the ingredients needed to cook those dishes, will they be able to do so?

absolutely NO!

They have the knife but don’t know how to chop and grind the meat! They have the mortar but they just don’t have any ideas on how squashed the peppers and other spices should be before mixing  it with the main ingredients.Then they don’t know the the exact temperature and time needed to process the food to be as good as the chef’s cooks! ~


Because even if they have the tastiest food cooking of the chef, that doesn’t mean that they are able to cook and present the food the same as the chef! They don’t have the temperament and skill as the chef, so how can they cook as good as the chef?

Actually, quality cooking did not depends on the quality material gathered. It actually depends from the experience and skills honed for the sake of preparing the most delicious cooking for the customers.

How can become such a good cook?

We need ample experience and practice!
Even a genius wont be able to do anything if he hadn’t experience the basic and general ideas of something because the geniuses  are only  able to recreate, improvised, and rearrange the material to be at it best set of arrangement.

Geniuses can’t become a founder of a new  ideas, if they don’t have the core understanding of the basic ideas of something.

The evolution of ideas starts from founding things,before reprocessing the input through extensive and quality experiences, before reaching the part to  improvise the  ideas to become a new-found ideas(where the basic essence of epistemology must exist if such novel ideas  is to be found!)

Words become edible only through quality experience and basic ideas of something.

if a genius only sit tightly in a dark Pandora box from his early day as a fetus until his early 50th birthday, without any experience on anything through his 5 basic senses, he wont be able to produce nothing, and wont be able to becomes someone like Einstein,Job,Hawking, Tesla, Gates and Joy.

I repeat ,NOTHING. Do you know that the names aforementioned had experienced 10 000 hours at min for their scope of subject and skill, to become well known as a genius in their subject of study.

So indeed, experience is everything, and only by practical means, those experience able to generate delicious and edible words, thoughts and skills craved by their own groups of customers.


rap kelabu

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cocok mata dulu kalau susah sangat nak faham kelabu tu macam mana. ergh!

bilang 3 kali namamu cinta.
1 untuk nestapa,
1 untuk dusta,
1 untuk lara,

sampai yang ketiga baru tahu isinya cinta itu benar-benar sesat!
bagai meconteng pensil 2b pekat atas muka kalor krayon kuning kelat,
takkan terikat bonding kimianya, dek sifat warna masing-masing dipuja separa pentaksub likat!

nostalgia epik kitab pusaka hamba yang curiga,
menelaah hakikat manusia yang tiada cermat dalam melolong firasat punca pendikit kuasa dua,
terus mengelamun dalam dunia pasca sejarah abad ke-5, terus tergiang-ngian jasad melayu terbang dalam selendang hijau pekat laksana hulubalang maharaja,
jadi mana mungkin dia buka mata,
mana mungkin dia khianati asbab mata dia pejam,
dia tinggalkan dunia harapan bangsa, dan negara (kata dia).

tiup perlahan angin biru,
menyusup sejuk laksana sejuk salju di bumi shinjuku.

wah, wah, wah,
sungguh mewah dilagukan dunia lama,
sampai makrifat jisim pada molekul akidah diperkosa bertubi-tubi lamanya.

tekan tubi jari atas papan kekunci sampai 2-3 jam lamanya,
sampai bila-bila ajak jumpa ditenung skrin layar munafiknya lama-lama,
sebelum hayunan kedua dan ketiga jari padunya dilibaskan,
atas khayalan aura biru kuasa petala langit yang digembar-gemburkan tiada nilai lagsung
pada petualang diraja keatas para petualang perasan.

sayup sayup bunyi jam.
tanggal 31, bulan 8,  lima puluh tujuh.

selang 23 tahun kemudian,
lahirlah seorang abang . ada adik selang setahun umurnya.

tak habis-habis dia goreng bawang goreng.