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write stuff down.

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3 criteria that warren buffet choose to invest on people of their 10% monthly  incomes: 

1. INTEGRITY-  learn to say more NO answer, so that we shall not submit to every little details of entertaining others, yet submitting the values of ourself to ourself. 
HOW- start to dedicate MINUTES to things that matter!

2. ENERGY increase by thinking less
HOW-  repeatedly repeats important habits.

3. INTELLIGENCE of adaptiveness. how? write stuff down,

-write IDEAS days after days, so that its become an accumulated ideas to be utilize for every seconds of giving suggestions

i got this from TEDtalks, conor Neill. cool stuffs, superbly practical. 
definite answers,  😀


i wake up silly,
i lay down on the sofa infront of my tv,
i use the remote and change the channel,
from tv3 to mtv.

while the songs keep moving on,
i cant let go myself from pondering last night call,
i share many things, and i said many things,
u make me happy as my brains flocked and later stall.

then again, that picture of me depicted in a shadowed forest,
i howl as that means i deplore,
emptiness by the sake of my own verdict,
the clemency in between rage and inner peace.

i like you very much , as i told my self,
but to be true, its not something as simple as that for my believe and my soul,
i might hide certain things, and deceive somethings to show that i  care,
insidious quizzical desire, are pain that cant withstood iced fire.

i can be good with some, i can be generous with some,
but that annoying you can somehow sooth me up,
alleviating my thought of emptiness in the chasm of dungeon of secrecy,
let say if i delve to deep in this liquid of fear of emotional affection,

ill stumble down, and there’s be no salvation coming at all.
everything will go deeper and darker, as the lights will turn dimmer and shun close.
soullessloner i am,
until that times come, i shall never come to confess.

i am good at waiting, i hope you are too.

( aku post sebab rasa ni mcm masterpiece romance poem aku. achoh!)


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barang apa kau guna,
bahasa apa kau guna.

itu buat orang ramai snap-judge kau orang macam mana.

sebenarnya cara macam tu salah.
thin-slicing attitude orang macamtu salah.

BLINK oleh malcolm gladwell.

fakta 1:

john gottman, psychologist dari universti washington telah create satu algortihm utk kajian love lab dia.

selama lima minit, pasangan yg terpilih ( dia dh kaji dekat beratus pasangan)
akan discuss satu trifling issue. contoh macam bab anjing.  Elok tak bela anjing dekat rumah, sila gaduhkan dalam 5 minit perihal ini.

dalam masa lima minit, sebarang bentuk emosi(conceivable emotion portrayed) yang dikesan oleh sistem  kod algorithm love lab ini, akan list down possibility untuk pasangan ini bercerai atau tidak dalam masa 7 tahun akan datang. ( to note, that this sample is based on a couple living in the united states)

nama kod sistem  ni, SPAFF.

menggunakan sistem ini, dia boleh pastikan 95% possibility rumah tangga akan bercerai/ tak dalam masa 15 tahun akan datang. ( yang tadi yang 5 minit tu untuk sample macam mana dia guna code sistem dia)

cis, nampak educated sangat pulak.

dont judge a book by its cover?
still practiced?
eventually , NO.

sekarang appearance penting untuk snap-judge ‘robot’ untuk diserap masuk jadi kuli batak kompeni baru.

hanya yang betul betul manusia baca buku yg deeep, dan snap-judge orang tepat.

appearance means nothing to this particular group of people.

i deem that myself, was included.

#radicalproverb: its not that i hate you, it just that your existence doesn’t necessarily interest me at all.