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i had attended a free problem solving workshop, organized by utmTEC. 

Lecturer: Mr. Freidhel Pohl
Duration: 2 Days. 


this method is definitely practical, but of course repeated practice needed to be done.
A simple explanation: 

who has the problem: is a step of when we need to say ‘NO!’ as our answer. if it is a problem that we choose not to be our problem, than we must never bother about it, UNLESS you are trying to solve others problem, you need to put your leg in their choose and imagine that such problems is yours to handle. 

IGNORANCE-ACCEPTANCE(INFLUENCE) : this step ask us to understand our role and our ability to influence our thinking and action habit. how much we had influence in power, in words or in our heart to solve the problem? we need to accept and extract our influence on such problem, before we move to the next step:-

PROBLEM HEAD CINEMA: imagine such problem in our head-cinema. as simple as an illustrated solution before we execute them. and we must make sure that no EGO is influencing us in our action. must be a pure POSITIVE solution ( note that we need to attend ego management slot before we move-on to this problem solving issues)


what to do, when we need to execute it? HOW we need to do it? 

check result: only if when we feel better after executing this formula, that it means we had solve our problems, if we still feel insecure and uneasy, we need to learn and understand how to fight our ego first. 

that’s all. 🙂