The Debater and The Chessmaster.

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Debate is an art.
Random people can debate like a pro as they can use any existing random points they can get through the ultimate search engine, google to win arguments. Those who struggle more with the art or googling, will undeniably win using another set of skill that will complete the googling art, the ‘ctrl+c and ctrl + v’ technique.

Politician use this art efficiently. Even those who enjoy this chess-like games will undeniably hone their googling skill for the sake of winning their debate.

Is using google wrong? Absolutely no. Google is just a mere search engine,nothing more nothing less.


people of different regions, of different races, of different religion and of different life background utilize google differently. The root of this event is of course;


Google can also be used as a tool to change people attitude, especially when google team up with YOUTUBE. But as human being ( which is the ultimate species that is the majority users of YOUTUBE) always take things for granted( especially those with the arrogant and big egoistical genes in them), they forgot to settle their attitude first before indulging their interest to utilize this wonderful tool namely, the YOUTUBE.

To be able to play chess effectively and become a master in it, one must be able to picture every possible strategy in order to win-over their opponent. They must be able to expect their opponent next move and counter it with either the next move or the next 10 move, while making all the previous moves seems like a mistake in order to ensure his plan are working.


Debating with a chessmaster.

ONLY those eligible will get the honor to play with the chess-master. Either they are invited by the chessmaster, or the chessmaster jsut want to entertain his mundane life by challenging any no-class player.


if they are 70 chessmasters leaded by the GRANDMASTER of the white chess, of course a formidable team with the same size of player is needed to topple the white chess table.

chess is just a mere tool. economy can become the chess so do science, sport, and of course people mindset.

while debate is a method that can be used to play the chess using any available tool. With more tools, chess-game will be a lot livelier!

And of course, the stage to play this chess must be on a chessboard, or any kind of platform depending on what tools those chess pieces are.Image


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