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qada’ dan qadar

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

might be thats what people see in me. 
well, it’s not their fault. I love to be as sanguine as possible to ensure that i van give-out as much positive aura as i can to everyone 
around me. Actually, i do put up a lot of efforts in something but as people can’t see it, and due to my carefree attitude,
people snap-judge me as being an effortless douche. lol

aku budak extent one-year. sebab kena extent  by technical means..
1. sebab masa 2nd year tak pergi exam, jadi kena repeat the whole paper
2. sebab tak lepas psm.
Basically, that’s what people care much about- the factors and as for me, people will se much on ‘the loser factor’ , not the reasons behind it. 

oh well, here is the actual story.

1. sebab apa 2nd year final sem tak pergi exam..
– i hold -up to many position with many expectations from many sides. due to my ego which is pretty high at that time, i can’t cater all of the piling assignment, and my head is almost blown-up!.
– my head and heart totally blown-up! my lovely grandma deceased around that time, plus my beloved sister got a mystic sickness  and i can’t visit both of them. stress gila. 
– financial problem. this is complicated. i owe myself a lump-sum of moneys. 

2. okay, once everything settled, rasa hikmah Allah temukan aku dengan problem & solution of all those problems really help me out in :
improving my empathy and sympathy awareness of those in needs of them.
learn how to always put my legs in other shoes before i give out any judgment or comments to them.
there is a quote,
“never hate your enemies as it will spoil your judgment. “

yes, that quote is legit.. and i believe it so. so as for now, i think i don’t have any nemesis at all. 

right now, i am struggling for my career-path, my part-time job, dakwah job and psm job. 
it will be quite hectic, but i think excuses will procrastinate me, so i choose not to.

may Allah grant us the best of His plan.

best regard,
ikhwan selfie. 
kml. :3